Thursday, July 24, 2014

Too darn hot

 Off shoulder crop top and cotton skater skirt: Asos
Locket: Vintage via The Getup
Sunnies: Thrifted
Shoes: Franco Sarto

This outfit is really just an exercise in coping with heat and humidity. It's always a fun challenge. Like a homework assignment where if you get too many questions wrong, you sweat through your clothes.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tokyo Pop

We watched a delightful movie from 1988 called Tokyo Pop. It's got the exuberance of classic music films like Light of Day and The Commitments, with the languid, indie style of a Jim Jarmusch movie. It's about a New York singer (Carrie Hamilton) who heads to Tokyo and gets involved with a Japanese rock and roller (Yutaka Tadokoro). Amid the cinematic silliness, it beautifully captures some of that intimate, special experience of making music with somebody you're in love with. Needless to say, MC and I loved it. 

Oh, and it's easy to watch because the whole movie is on Youtube:

Also: you might recognize Yutaka Tadokoro as the "Suntory Time" commercial director from Lost in TranslationTrust me, if you watch Tokyo Pop you'll see how influential this movie was on Sofia Coppola. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

I'm Wonder Woman

Here's yet another swimsuit from that pile of print bathing suits that MC got for me.

Our entire household is in love with Wonder Woman. And while I fully endorse and adore her character having been co-opted by second wave feminists back in the 70's, I also absolutely refuse to accept that the "male gaze" automatically equals subjugation -- and I have the luxury of doing so, at least in part due to the efforts of those very activists. I'm an action hero regardless of whether I feel like being sexy or who I'm doing it for.

So yeah, I thought it would be fun to capture this swimsuit with a pin-up shoot.

Edit: Hey, I made a meme.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Oh snap (cold snap)

Top: Nasty Gal
Shorts: VS
Thigh-high tights: Sockdreams
Shoes: Steve Madden via Ebay
Bag: Dooney & Bourke, thrifted
Sunglasses: Vintage via Giant Vintage

Monday, July 14, 2014

In the sun

At this point, I don't even get that self conscious when MC whips out the camera. He does it constantly, relentlessly -- no moment is safe. And honestly, I can trust that the crazy techniques that inspire him (like using a speedlight even when it's bright and sunny out) often do look really cool. Even if I'm on the front porch getting lemon juice in my eyes and flipping through a thriftstore fashion book that devotes an entire chapter to pocket squares (?).

By the way, the book is 1994's "Quickstyle," a "guide to accessories" by Christine Kunzelman. I can't even tell you how many 70's-90's lifestyle books I've collected via the 10/1$ bin at the Goodwill. These books really capture a snapshot of their moment in a unique and endlessly entertaining way. I guess that makes sense, since fashion books are meant to be super timely. Kunzelman is a cool author though, you can almost hear her Cyndi Lauper-esque nasally accent in her prose. And this book is kind of awesome to look at, if for no other reason than the fact that it features stylized pencil illustrations by Jackie Doyle instead of photographs. I'll scan some examples for you guys, you should see this stuff. It's gorgeous.

I love using the flash to not just fill in the shadows left by harsh, directional sunlight, but to also go a step further, to where the subject becomes a bit stylized. Cammila has an amazing quality to her skin and body when it comes to light. Her skin reflects/refracts the light perfectly, so she becomes the source of illumination in the photo. It's fitting because she's also the point of illumination in real life.  -MC

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

If you're gonna do it, do it right.

Sundress: Asos
High heeled cowboy boots: Zodiac, vintage via Etsy
Earrings: Gift from my dad in 5th grade
sunglasses: sunglasswarehouse

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I'm Batman

Batman swimsuit: Present from MC
Cutoffs: Very old
Booties: Juicy Couture, on consignment years ago
Sunglasses: Thrifted
Necklace: Nasty Gal 

MC got me a PILE of these digital print swimsuits off Ebay as a surprise. I'll post them all before summer's out. It was very sweet and a little funny, because he didn't actually know they were all rip-offs of Black Milk designs. He knew print swimsuits seem to be all the rage and he knew I love me some Batman, but he didn't know these were actual knock-offs of existing designs. He was just being impulsive and thoughtful and the best husband ever. Hilarious.

Obviously, the $10 version of these bathing suits probably pale in terms of quality compared to the real thing. But in an odd way, MC's honest mistake allows us to skip over a lot of questions. On the one hand, designers deserve to be compensated for their ideas. But on the other, the cost can sometimes be impossible, eclipsing out many consumers regardless of the availability of knock offs. On the one hand, knock-offs are built into the economy of the fashion marketplace (i.e., Balenciaga and Prada --> Jeffrey Campbell and Steve Madden), but on the other, Black Milk Clothing is independently owned, not a couture brand, and might not be part of that economic mechanism. On the one hand, we should be supporting fair labor practices, but on the other, to assume that without the efforts of Western buyers, working people in the developing world won't establish a system of rights the same way the Western world did after our own industrial revolution is very condescending. The ones MC bought me actually shipped from within the US, but you get what I'm saying.

Anyway. Free pass on these ones, I guess. ;)  

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Shit talk! Uh, I mean REAL TALK!

Okay kids, family meeting time. MC and I are no longer affiliated with The Canastas. It was not an amicable split, it was a hostile takeover by our guitarist. I'm just gonna be real and not sugarcoat it: it's fucked up and we're sad. And if you've currently "liked" them on FB or whatever solely out of support for us (which only applies to a handful of people we're lucky to know, obviously), you can feel free to "unlike" them. We feel very, very betrayed. Our guitarist has always been very sweet and I’d NEVER have said he was capable of this. Though suddenly, his detached disposition does seem more cold and robotic. 

He founded the band 3 years ago, but since then, ALL songwriting has been collaborative and choices have been democratic. Still, he played the “This is MY project and MY decision” card, and said he wants to replace us. He said this in an email the morning after we played a REALLY great show. He then stonewalled all further contact with him. I’d hugged him the night before. I’d carried his amp to his car.

He gave some reasons about the two of us being late to some practices recently, though that’s been an openly discussed phenomenon due to recent changes in my work responsibilities, not laziness or craziness, and he’s never said it was a problem. He never asked if I could change my job responsibilities, never said he felt it was effecting our performance. Every time it happened, he was understanding, and said it was no problem because they could do a sectional practice until we got there.    

Who knows if that’s really what it’s about anyway. Who replaces main people in a band after this long based on  a couple months of scheduling problems that there’s NO attempt to fix? Our drummer is on a summer hiatus with another band, for fuck’s sake! After Matt and I sacrificed this much energy, this much time away from our daughter and our friends, this much money for recording and mixing songs that we helped write, which they’re apparently still using to promote themselves with my voice and Matt’s horn and my words and our melodies, it would be nice to have a face-to-face discussion about it like adults. 

It’d be nice to hear him own up to it if it’s just one of those vibe things that you can’t quantify (been there). Or if he wants to take the songwriting in a different direction. Or if he really felt like our tardiness to practice couldn't be fixed. Which would be weird, because we had a problem like 8 months ago with our childcare on gig nights, and that was making us show up later than the rest of the band for load-in, but when he told us that it mattered to him because we needed a good soundcheck, we totally agreed and we changed our whole approach to childcare on gig nights. Meanwhile, most of the musicians I've worked with over the years are crazy, defensive mofos who would have bitten his head off just for asking. It’s a line of work that attracts emotional people. I guess I’m babbling.

Anyway.  It would be nice to know for how long he was letting us keep sacrificing that time and energy and money as he quietly planned to cut us off (and suddenly remove us from all the band’s social media logins that he could) at the moment most convenient for his private agenda. Personally or professionally, whether it’s from a boss or a friend, I’d expect better. But who the fuck knows what he expects. Anyway, fuck those guys.