dressed up like a lady

Aug 26, 2015

The Collars Love: Irresistible Me

Recently, we were contacted by the wonderful folks at Irresistible Me. They wanted to know if we were interested in reviewing some of their gorgeous sets of clip in hair extensions. Luckily, we were just beginning to plan a shoot around an outfit that would require extensions for an up-do--with my hair being way too short for an up-do made of my own hair! It seemed like perfect timing. So they sent us this helpful video on matching your hair color to their extensions, and I gave them my specs: their Royal Remy hair extensions at 20 inches, at a weight of 200 g. That was that.

Then, the extensions arrived. And holy cow, these were so much more incredible than I was expecting. I don't know why I was picturing them less amazing, I knew they were made of human hair. But man, these are beautiful! And Jesus, they give you a LOT of hair! So much that even though my actual hair is very short, I was still able to clip in the extensions for a totally convincing long look. It was just too amazing. We knew right then that we had to do a separate shoot to showcase these extensions in all their long and lustrous glory. 

You guys know how short my hair is in reality. It feels pretty wild to suddenly have mermaid hair!

With my retro bangs serving as the basis for the look, I even ended up with kind of a cool '70s style!

Cameo appearance by Margaret's ukulele!

Gbear and Madz wanted in on our little backyard-jungle-beach party.

 And of course, it wouldn't be long hair if I didn't get a bug in it:

The crazy thing about Irresistible Me is that they're also intensely affordable. And of course, they're even having a sale right now. I highly recommend checking them out.

Aug 18, 2015

It's Our Anniversary!

Hey, remember three years ago when I married the baddest motherfucker on the planet?

All I can tell you about marriage after three years is that being in love still matters. I still look sideways at anybody who says that any one area of romantic partnership "isn't everything," whether it's lust and romance or compassion and friendship. Obviously no one thing is everything. But oddly, this common turn of phrase is often used to imply that the thing in question is not important. My experience so far is that it's all important. 

Of course it matters that we like each other. Of course it matters that we enjoy so many of the same things and accidentally stay up until 3 on a worknight all the time to talk about a book or a movie or a piece of art. 

And of course it matters that we're emotionally compatible and the way each of us process our feelings through language is easily understood by the other. 

And of course it matters that we're deeply, passionately obsessed with each other. Marriage is more than just another friendship. 

It all matters, and that's why we endeavor every day to deserve each other. If you've found somebody who has all these attributes, then you've gotta make an effort to be nice, to see your partner for their intentions. And hopefully, having that fundamental spark, that bedrock emotional compatibility, means being really, really good at diffusing tension with each other. When I get pissed or frustrated, MC is ridiculously good at being sweet and playful and calling me baby and snapping me out of it. But that's not just on him--it's also on me to be open to it. Three years isn't that long, but it's been long enough for me to learn that it's always worth it.

Anyway, that's my summary. I've gotta go give MC some presents. Oh, and that junk people say about never having sex after you're married is still BULLSHIT.