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May 21, 2015

Tuesday Night Jazz

Spring in Michigan is a bipolar oscillation between some days hot enough to lounge around in your swimsuit and others chilly enough to require a vintage shearling coat.

Tapestry print dress: Asos
'70s shearling coat: Vintage from Etsy via gift from my parents-in-law
Magenta platform maryjanes: Asos
Necklaces: Leaf is thrifted, Mom pendant was a gift from gbear and MC
Rings: My grandmother's

MC and I headed out on a Tuesday to hear some great jazz. MC even sat in for a few songs with his trumpet and we got to make conversation with a lot of great and extremely talented folks. Of course, we didn't think to snap a few outfit pics until after we got home, so these were captured by the awkward yellow glow of lamplight.

And here's a shot of MC looking fine as hell while I tell him I'm just helping set the camera levels: 

I just finished a massively time consuming freelance project, which means I'll have more time for some creative endeavors. That includes a lot of singing and a lot of writing, and probably finishing our kitchen floor. But don't worry, it also includes blogging. ;)

May 7, 2015

Foxy Brown

Check out this BAMF '70s leather trench I just thrifted.

The lining is falling out and the belt is missing but I don't care. It makes me feel like Frigga from Thriller: A Cruel Picture, or freaking Shaft.

It's also kind of a Star Lord coat. Except for some reason, Chris Pratt only wears his badass long trench for his first scene in Guardians of the Galaxy, and spends the rest of the movie in a cafe racer jacket. What a bummer.

Apr 30, 2015

In which I re-enact my MyIdol's Dance

I'm sure you are already deeply familiar with these MyIdol avatar animations (not to be confused with Midol avatar animations, which I'm sure would be amazing). You probably think they represent the lowest declination into the uncanny valley yet reached by human technology. But you are wrong, my friend.

A video posted by Cammila (@cammilacollar) on
They had my haircut, but only in black.

What's way creepier is me imitating my avatar imitating me. The snake is eating its tail, ahhhh!!!!

A video posted by Cammila (@cammilacollar) on

For real though, this is definitely an outfit I own. Way to see into my soul, MyIdol.

Jeans: MC's
Crop top: thrift store find. related to some local orchestra somewhere
White belt: A Ragstock in Madison, WI
Shoes: Asos

Apr 23, 2015

DiY Dollhouse Framed Print

Gbear has a this big friggin dollhouse that we've been slowly but surely filling with various tiny furnishings (that's part of the fun). I overheard her telling her cousin how cool it would be to have a big picture of some cats hanging on the wall in there, so I thought I'd make her one.

Of course, it's not actually that hard or expensive to buy pre-made dollhouse furnishings. Her house has a couple of these little empty dollhouse picture frames, which you can get on Etsy for like 4 bucks. I filled them with Blythe avatars of Gbear and her cousin that I printed off the computer, since those two play in this thing together constantly.

Pretty close, right?

And she has a straight-up doll sized still life in her little living room. The whole place also has a lot of random picture cabochons from necklaces I don't wear anymore. 

And of course, the occasional kitchen shelf made from one half of a laundry pin.

But no cat picture! So I took matters into my own hands and made her a framed picture myself. Okay so here's what you need:

1 small picture of something cool
1 piece of firm cardboard
1 junk jewelry chain
some rubber cement
some hot glue

1: Instead of cardboard, I actually used a debit card that expired five years ago but MC still inexplicably owns. Anyway, trim it to the size you want your dollhouse wall picture.

2: Cut the picture so it matches the dimensions of the card or cardboard. Rubber cement it on there.

3. Cut the junk jewelry chain to the lengths of the card's edges. I used a plain old pair of scissors, but use needle nosed pliers if it's really tough. If the links in your chain are big, trim the picture so you don't get too much of a gap. 

4. Use a thin little line of hot glue to attach the chain to the edges of the picture.

5. Attach it to your dollhouse wall using poster tack. 

The above room has since been floored with linoleum samples, of which we have so, so many.

That's it! Gbear and her cousin actually play together with this thing so much that they each have their own standing bedrooms for their dolls. Her cousin's favorite animal is the giraffe, so I made her one too.  :)

Apr 16, 2015

Vicki Vale Vintage Frames

Check it out: I got yet another pair of giant, vintage glasses. I had them filled with my Rx via a promotion from Lensfactory (they messed it up at first, but then they fixed it for free), and now I'm wearing them constantly. 

There's no use beating around the bush. I bought these frames exclusively so that I could look like Vicki Vale from Tim Burton's 1989 Batman.

Kim Basinger looking badass as intrepid reporter Vicki Vale.

Vicki's sexy '80s black mock turtleneck dress seemed like a perfect excuse to wear this crazy bodycon dress from Asos.

Dress: Asos
Heels: Jessica Simpson
Batman button: Made by MC when he was 13
Vintage frames: Justthegoodstuff on Etsy

Here's the crazy thing though: this dress is backless. Like intensely backless.

I'd like to think that hey, Vicki's could be backless too for all we know. But it's totally not. We know this because we see it from the back when she shakes hands with fucking Arliss.

Oh well! Her dress isn't a shamelessly insubstantial exercise in mostly lyrca either. This isn't cosplay, you guys. Well, not entirely.

Honestly though, as cool as it looks from the right angle, this dress is so open in the back that it tended to bow and pucker whenever I moved my arms. So I lessened the gap with a sock garter. It actually ended up looking pretty sweet.

Apr 8, 2015

The Collars Love: NOVICA $50 Gift Card Giveaway!-CLOSED

Poncho: NOVICA
Flares: Paige Denim via Ebay
Clogs: Ugg via Ebay
Earrings: Nasty Gal
Aviators: Ragstock
Rings: My grandmother's

We recently got an offer from the beloved ethical fashion shop NOVICA, asking if we'd like to review a product and host a giveaway. NOVICA is a fabulous source for fair trade and sustainable fashion, connecting artisan creators of garments and jewelry with a worldwide customer base. So needless to say, we were down for it! 

I picked out this '70s boho looking poncho. It's beautiful, handmade, arrived fast, and I'm as thrilled with it as I knew I would be. 

But let's cut to the chase. I'm sure you're more interested in what you could pick up from NOVICA if you comment on this post and win a $50 gift card. So go do that.

To enter to win a $50 Gift Card for NOVICA, just leave a comment on this post including an email, website, or some other way for me to contact you if you win. A winner will be picked at random April 15 at 9 PM EST. This giveaway is open to all readers, worldwide. Good luck!