Friday, October 17, 2014


Dress: Asos
Tights: Rando no-names from Ebay
Boots: Doc Martens, consignment
Sunglasses: Vintage via Giant Vintage

Rings: Mostly were my grandma's

I've been pretty damn lucky over the past couple weeks to get a crazy amount of support from friends and family -- and readers -- about my job ending. One conspicuous detail I neglected to mention when I posted about it last week is that when I blew out the candles on my birthday cake two weeks ago, I kind of wished to no longer need to work 9-5 in an office. HA! My deepest apologies to the roughly half of the employees in my building who got axed in the course of my inadvertently controlling the universe

Just kidding, obviously, because it's still a shitshow on many levels for many people, all of whom will ultimately better off, however, with an employer who appreciates their value. For my own part, I'm pretty sure what I really want is to do more of the stuff I liked about my current job -- writing reviews and features, writing and appearing in videos, writing, writing, writing. I don't want to go to law school, I'd rather just keep singing in bands than become a daylight-hours music teacher or something, and while I still might consider legitimizing my nutritional education with some sort of certificate, there's currently no governing professional organization dictating any standards whatsoever for the term "Certified Nutritionist," so I might as well just use it now. Just kidding. Sort of.

That does bring me to my next topic though. I got some comments from readers who claim they would be happy with me running a vegan/healthy lifestyle blog. Do I really need to run a whole separate blog with a whole separate RSS feed for that? Could I not just increase the vegan content here? The answer may very well be a polite "hell no," but I'd need to hear that in order to not otherwise commence testing the waters by just posting more food stuff here. I mean, I know this blog is called "Dressed Up Like a Lady," and it's ostensibly a fashion blog, but I started it six years ago and gosh, kind of a lot's happened since then. As it is, this blog is a catchall for anything I want to post about, I'd be happy to start a whole separate blog for food related stuff, but I think I'd need to experiment with generating that content a little bit first.

Okay anyway, on a totally unrelated note: the wonderful folks at Jord Wood Watches posted a little interview with MC and I today, and we feel like lucky bastards that they thought we were worth featuring. Click here to check it out.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Inspirado: Audrey Horne

Perhaps you heard the news last week that David Lynch's bizarro genius series Twin Peaks will be producing a new, 6 episode season, nearly 25 years after its tragic cancellation! I tried to pay tribute to this news with an appropriate outfit.

For those unfamiliar, Twin Peaks was a short-lived TV series about Pacific Northwestern town full of beautiful women and ridiculously violent psycho-sexual underpinnings. It followed the story of the FBI agent sent there to investigate the murder of a local girl that everybody is revealed to have been totally obsessed with, as he live-blogs his life into a tape recorder for his secretary back home.

Like Lynch's movies (Blue Velvet, Wild at Heart, Mulholand Drive) the vibe is creepy, crazy, borderline silly, explicitly hallucinatory, arguably abstract, and sometimes meant to fuck with you. And the clothes are amazing.

Most notably: the sweater and skirt ensembles of the character Audrey Horne.

Audrey is just your basic mischievous teenage daughter of a local hotel tycoon. She loves activities like flirting with 35 year old men and dancing in diners to instrumental jazz.

One of the best things about Audrey's sexy cashmere cardis and classic pencil skirts is that they so beautifully represent her character. In a town full of women who talk to logs, high schoolers working as part-time call girls, and people getting viciously abused by their own spouses, some of whom are tragically mentally ill, Audrey's Nancy Drew antics -- eves dropping on conversations and peeping through keyholes -- seem adorably benign. And more to the point, her sex-kitten attire doesn't imply sad, twisted darkness the way expressions of sexuality seem to for many other women in the town of Twin Peaks. 

Lynch has proven throughout his career to be preoccupied with pointing out the terrible seediness that lurks beneath the surface of anything we tend to idealize, whether he's calling out the Hollywood dream machine for being a destroyer of lives, exposing idyllic 50's America as a smokescreen for a culture of violence and misogyny, or, in the case of Twin Peaks, reminding us that beautiful girls, who are envied and seemingly adored, are often mutilated on the inside by the projections and abuse they attract from a sick and broken society. Most of the women in Twin Peaks are struggling on some level to stay afloat in a world that simultaneously rewards and punishes them for their allure, turning ladies into femme fatales left and right as they attempt to flip this power differential in their favor, often paying the price with their innocence and trust. 

But Audrey is somehow immune to this process. She's definitely a femme fatale of some sort, but despite being a flirtatious little minx, she doesn't seem to internalize this epic drama at all. Her knowing attitude and ability to see the invisible strings controlling everyone's behavior in this power play prevent her from blindly engaging in it. She sees the game for what it is. So naturally, her clothes evince both sensuality (those sweaters are certainly sexy) and innocence (since her outfits are almost old fashioned). There's plausible deniability in her sexiness, and this choice about Audrey's costume denotes self awareness about her character. That's some brilliant cinematic costuming at work right there.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Family Meeting Time! AGAIN!

Guess what kids! I got laid off!

Me and 60% of my office. It's a big fucking bummer for me and a lot of other hard working people, who I won't get to see every day after December 31st (when my department dissolves, the rest of the Ann Arbor office has til June). But Akane and I are still dancing here, cause fuck it, I was kind of getting sick of that place anyway.

MC still has his job there -- his department was one of the two that didn't get axed completely. So now the question is what should I do with my life? I'd recently soured on law school when I started working at Rovi (then AMG) 10 years ago. Should I start studying for my LSATs? Get a baccalaureate in dietetics? Start teaching singing lessons? Finish a novel? Turn it into a screenplay? Focus on sourcing and selling vintage? Start doing videos on fashion and film? Become an unlicensed P.I. like Jason Schwartzman on Bored to Death? So many options. Feel free to chime in.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Night of the Comet

Looking for a delightfully bonkers horror comedy to enjoy this Halloween season? Well SHIT MAN, you're in luck because this GEM called Night of the Comet is entirely available on Youtube. It's a clever, wacky b-movie from 1984 about two valley girl army brats dealing with the aftermath of the Earth's a semi-Apocalyptic encounter with a comet. It includes shit like an Emma Watson lookalike and a machine gun stand-off with crazed shopping mall stock boys. 

I'd bet hard currency that Robert Rodriguez is a huge fan of this movie, and I say that because of its fun-loving, campy tone -- not just the fact that it features a theater called the El Rey.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Blondie Birthday

My sis in law, mominlaw, and aunt in law (?) gave me this crazy perfect maxi dress for my birthday last week. It's pretty insane that the family I married into have my taste so nailed down! I couldn't be luckier.

Sis Alessandra noted (quite correctly) that it totally looks like something Debbie Harry would wear, and specifically requested that MC and I recreate this photo! 

We probably shouldn't have tried to recreate it in HARD sunlight but oh well.

This gorgeous gold tone buckle bracelet is a Christmas gift from Alessandra as well. Amazing, right? I always wanted a sister. :)

Chevron Maxi Dress: Birthday gift
Boots: Park Lane
Hat: Asos
Sunglasses Vintage via Giant Vintage
Earrings: Nastygal
Rings: Grandma
Bracelet: Xmas gift from Alessandra

Unabashed selfie via Instagram

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Happy Birthday, Cammila!

Hey Everybody, apologies for the slow posts. We've been crazy busy lately with Gbear starting school again, beginning to conceive new music, and all the insanity with tiling our entire kitchen. Also, it's Cammila's birthday today

While we'd love to be eating cake on a tropical beach somewhere, we'll most likely be taking a break from hardscaping our kitchen walls tonight with a relaxed, weeknight family party. That means lots of cake, hugs, crazy gifts and, of course, dancing. In lieu of big beach getaway with Tina Turner's "You're Simply the Best" constantly running on a loop in the background somehow (I woke up with it in my head! Tina is one of Cammila's most uncanny musical spirit animals), I made her this utterly insane card. We're having a pretty awesome day and we hope you are too.

Happy Birthday, Babycat. I love you so much!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Fairy Crowns

This was a pretty great summer around the Collar household. We didn't have any wild or crazy adventures, but we had a pretty amazing time just doing things like this: spending long, hot, happy afternoons in our jungle backyard, trimming down everything (since we're moving the whole garden around anyway), making impromptu fairy crowns out of big, thick flower stalks. Gbear set up a "lab" to dissect and examine the seed pods.