dressed up like a lady: Look out! I'm romping!

May 29, 2008

Look out! I'm romping!

I love a good romper -- also known as a onesie, a jumpsuit, a playsuit, a shortsuit, a onepiece, and probably a hundred other names. It's a hassle to pee while you're wearing one, but they're cute and different and have a great sense of fun about them.

What I really love about this romper is that it's made of silk. This is a total 180 on the original purpose of the jumpsuit, which was supposed to be something to work and play in -- a garment built to take abuse with roughness and activity. Eventually, everything becomes pure fashion.

Romper: Kimchi and Blue via UO
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell via UO

Tiered Necklace: Thrifted
Key Necklace: Vintage via the Getup

It seems too shiny and pretty for it, but I still wonder if this necklace of keys might have been the actual set carried by the groundskeeper at some estate or something. They're all "bit" keys, but the teeth on each of them are a little different, and some are different lengths. It would seem like a bunch of keys made just for decoration would have more simple uniformity, but who knows. Maybe there's a hardware expert at one of my antique stores who could tell me.


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  2. This is my first time on your blog and even you don't have really much posted, I did read everything. And I'm a bit jealous of some things you have haha.

  3. wow, same here, first time bump into your blog, damn you got nice hair!! love it!

  4. Hi Cammila,
    I want to give you a little award - you'll find it in my blog. Great job! :)

  5. nice outfit :> and I have to say that I just love Ur hair, so cute <3

  6. oh i'm really really wanting one of those at the moment! that one is lovely and you look great in it!

  7. im all about rompers this summer! So easy to wear and its somethin you can just throw on and look great in (with the riht acessories)

  8. yes! excellent blog!
    i love the mr t necklace... and the purple is beautiful. i wish more blondes wore purple.

    and lovely haircut too!

  9. that color purple looks beautiful on you


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