dressed up like a lady: The masculine, the feminine, the neuter.

May 21, 2008

The masculine, the feminine, the neuter.

The the goal with this outfit is to look like a beautiful boy. This achievement of this goal, like all fashion goals, would seem to depend on the eye of the beholder -- questions of both beauty and breasts notwithstanding. Either way, it makes me happy. There has to be a boy somewhere who wears gold jazz shoes.

Sweater: H&M
Shirt: H&M
Shoes: Made by Elves via UO

This terribly tarnished vintage locket was promotional merchandise for the 1950's TV series This Is Your Life. It seems so sweet and whimsical now, but I wonder if wearing it at the time would have seemed hokey and cultureless, like wearing a necklace that says Deal or No Deal.


  1. love this looook. preppy meets eclectic-ness.. awesome!

  2. that boys' bound to be somewhere!
    i can only just remember that show, i must've been little at the time.

  3. you look really cute here, i love you hair you remind me of jean seberg

  4. this look really speaks to me; i like that it's mostly clean, with a little bit of flashiness. and -- rainbow sweaters and oxfords shirts under sweaters always do me in!

    my guess is that the locket wasn't all that hokey in its time. tv was still new at the time and a bit different of a phenomenon than it is now. but anyway...the locket is utterly charming!

    i am adding you to my links :)

  5. She looks really cute in the ensembly


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