dressed up like a lady: Street Cred

May 22, 2008

Street Cred

Coolness is a delicate issue. No adult in their right mind would admit to wanting to be cool. But then, there's nothing less cool than trying to be cool, right? It's a clear criticism to say somebody's "trying too hard," and it can even be a veiled insult to call someone a "hipster," since the word connotes the choice to govern your life based on what's hip and popular -- implying effort.

It becomes this tenuous idea, requiring rhetorical gymnastics to get around it. The ultimate cool is effortless, so no one would anyone ever confess to striving for it -- even though prestige is, by definition desirable. At its worst, this brain-smooshinging Catch 22 will result in that stupid phenomenon where people construe coolness as total apathy -- kids who achieve their status by constantly acting bored, fearful of ever showing real enthusiasm. At its not-so-worst, this semantic barn dance makes me puzzle for a minute over this 80's Minnie Mouse sweatshirt.

Minnie top: Vintage via Star Vintage
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell via UO
Sunglasses: Thrifted
Rings: Various


  1. that is the best minnie sweater ever!!! i got a vintage mickey one! we're twins heh

  2. I've found myself trying to be cool in highschool.The thing is, it's just too physically taxing trying to be something I'm not.

  3. like your style! the shoes and sunglasses.

  4. love the sweater--you have great style & you remind me of agyness deyn! :)


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