dressed up like a lady: Multiple memes!

Jul 21, 2008

Multiple memes!

About a thousand years ago, the lovely Lucrecia from Fashion is Poison and Dotti from Dotti' Dots both tagged me for two awesome memes. Thanks to both of these lovely ladies for thinking of me!

5 Things Meme from

5 Things found in my purse:

1. Giant wallet/clutch thing containing wallet, keys, and cell phone.
2. Makeup bag containing three-tiered mini pallette and a ton of random lipsticks and what not.
3. LeSportsac pouch containing Advil, allergy medicine, tissues, ear plugs, hand sanitizer, mini bug spray, etc.
4. Whatever book I'm presently reading.
5. Sunglasses.

5 Things found in my wallet:
1. Driver's License.
2. Check card.
3. Random pick-up tags from cobbler, tailor, etc.
4. Office key card/ID featuring embarrassing, dated picture.
5. Annoying, bulky insurance cards.

5 Favorite things in my room:
1. French bulletin board holding my brooches and sunglasses.
2. Sewing machine.
3. Hooks for earrings and necklaces.
4. Repurposed 1930's metal locker housing pretties and sundries.
5. Chest full of socks and underwear and pajamas.

5 Things I've always wanted to do:
1. Run a farm or ranch as a refuge for animals in need.
2. Have reams of impossibly long, thick, healthy hair.
3. Learn and retain all the countless facts and stories known by my dad, who's a historian.
4. Sing with my band in front of an unreasonably large crowd.
5. Make my living as a writer.

5. Things I'm currently into:
1. My 1949 Culinary Arts Institute Encyclopedic Cookbook.
2. Baking cakes.
3. Remembering to paint my nails.
4. My iPhone 

5. My cats

5 impressions of my tagger:
1. She
mixes dressy and casual perfectly.
2. Is super creative.
3. Appreciates a good pair of moon boots.
4. Has enviously great hair.
5. Has excellent taste in beauty products.

Book Meme from Dotti:

Instructions: Grab the nearest book, turn to page 123, and transcribe the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th sentences.

The nearest book is that vintage cookbook. Here goes: "Pour into bouillon cups and chill until firm. Just before serving draw a fork through the jelly to break it up. Place a slice of egg in each cup. Garnish with lemon wedges, catchup or horse-radish."

It's pretty crazy that just 60 years ago, people were eating savory jello. Anyway, as usual I'm too shy to tag, but they're fun memes, and I'll edit this post to tag you if you want!


  1. This is a wonderful post and so much fun! I love the pictures. I've seen other posts such as this one and I'm wondering, why does everyone else have infinitely more interesting stuff in their purses and wallets than I do? LOL

    Your room is amazing. I love the wall hangings for your earrings, sunglass and broaches. How innovative! Just as brilliant as you are beautiful.

    Thanks for the visit. Isn't Miu Miu astounding? So meticulously designed and crafted. A beautiful line indeed.

    Have a wonderful day, my Lover-lee!

  2. Oh I love having a peak in other people's bags... thanks for sharing!

  3. I really really really adore those photos! The second to last is my fave, the color scheme is so amazing, and your poses are so lovely! I LOVE IT! :D

  4. omg can i just say that i am in love with your room?! i've been trying to find 'racks' to hang my necklaces on and you my dear, have one that looks very functional! the only thing i worry about though is having them exposed to the natural sunlight because a lot of my jewelry is from F21 and it rusts quickly :[ booo

  5. Your jewelry set-up in your room is sooooooo cool! It has given me inspiration for my room.

  6. Such a fun post! I like your wallet.

  7. Dear, you are truly an interesting lady! I can just read these sweet facts for a whole day! It is so great to know you better xxxx

  8. great post.i LOVE your house!your bedroom&living room look so gorgous&kitsh.im jelous!xxx

  9. ahh your kitten is gorgeous!! lovely post.

  10. kitty! ok, i need closeups of your french bulletin board w/sunglasses attached as cheap sunglasses have taken over my dining room table.

  11. Your kitten is seriously breaking my heart. Such a great photo. & I love the idea of the bulletin board for brooches and sunglasses--two things I never can figure out where to put.

  12. love those bird graphics behind your couch, are they by 'blik'? i love decals and would be really interested in how they're holding up!

  13. OMIGOSH. your cat is sosososososo cute! and i LOVE your room! and the picture of you and your boyfriend is the cutest thing EVER! i love your blog!

  14. you room is fabulous! oh and i have those birds on my office wall at work :)

  15. You organise your jewellery SO WELL! I wish I have as much discipline :/ & you have lovely wallpaper!

  16. Nice blog and your cat is so sweet ;D I love the photo of you with the guy. Is he your boyfriend?

  17. oh i love your blog ever so much!

    and you have monkeyssss! i had one on my keys but now i have a monster one as the monkey one died ;-)

  18. Love all these little tidbits.... your brooch board is very cool!

  19. I love vintage books! And your pictures are really lovely. x

  20. Two things, well three...
    1) I want your wallet
    2) I love the bird decals on your wall
    3) I want all of your stuff.

    Bonus: You can make your living as a writer. Go for it!

  21. Hi sweetie! Love the farm idea :)

    And about the Agy comparison - I'm sure the fab blonde hair is part of it, but of course also your amazing style and tall modelicious look!

    Added you to my blogroll, btw!


  22. Love meme's , i really like the first one with the 5 things i think i might do one of those on my blog :):)

  23. How do you keep so many practical items in your purse and have it all look stylish?! I love your place and the picture of you and your bf is great!

  24. Good post, cute kitten. The hanger with the earrings on the wall looks awesome I want one now.

  25. great blog! everything looks really great. would you mind saying where you can get those jewelry frames to hang up? i've been looking for one like those FOREVER!!!!!

  26. I love the the section in your room for your jewelery and accesories such a great way of displaying and keeping organized!!!!! Cute bulleton as well:)

  27. hi! i loved your room!
    im so jealous i have been searching EVERYWHERE for a nice place to put all my earrings and necklaces as opposed to hanging on clothes hooks

    where did you get it! :)

    and that kitten is adorable


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