dressed up like a lady: An extra from a cruise scene in a Tim Burton movie?

Mar 27, 2009

An extra from a cruise scene in a Tim Burton movie?

How lucky am I -- the smart and witty Kate from Tres Lola featured me and a handful of the other far more inspiring style bloggers in an adorable feature article! I'm so flattered, I'm still blushing.
But I guess it doesn't show. I look pale as can be in this 30's inspired outfit, like I'm playing a role originated by Helena Bonham Carter in the off-Broadway stage adaptation of a Tim Burton movie.

Top: Delias
Trousers: Victoria's Secret
Shoes: Thrifted
Fake Pearls: Vintage via The Getup

And just in case you've given up on all hope of productivity on this lovely Friday, here's an awesomely bad 80's fashion & beauty video found my my friend Margaret. Fast forward along if it gets a bit slow, but listen for the nuance of this chick's wonderfully crappy delivery, and the awkward script.

"Fashion is something that is acquired by looking at a lot of different fashions!"


  1. I like Helena and Burton's movies! :)
    And I also like your outfit, that trousers are amazing!

  2. I don't know what it is about that lady's face in the video, but I just want to slap it. I would be satisfied with pushing her head into a big cake though!

    You are rocking those flares...Studio54 anyone?

  3. I love, love the pants, so feminine!

  4. Yes Tre Lola is how I found out about your blog!

  5. big pants two posts in a row, woop!

  6. Where are you when you take these photos?

  7. i cannot believe those are VS trousers! maybe i should hold on to my catalog next time.

  8. you are so fun. i can see it ob your outfits and your photos. i love the pants.

    have a great day!

  9. hey there:
    you are my new StyleCrush:


    hope u don`t mind me using your pics!
    just say smth. if u do!!

    bless ya

  10. Well you win! That ensemble of yours in pretty damn fine...if I do say so myself!



  11. Those pants are soooo Katherine Hepburn. Love, love, love the outfit. Hope you have a wonderful week, my dear.

  12. i LOVE those pants, so awesome

  13. Hello,

    From you varied and colorful photos on your blog you really are having fun while you model dresses and fashions of your own choice while playing to the camera. Rich solid colors and sculpted profile looks all caught up in ones imagination denoting the times of Garbo, and Myrna Loy as you tip you head gently up. Adding sleaker lines of body shoulder contrast - truely elegant tiff for sophistication and grace of dignity.

    None the less, talk about enjoying oneselve getting her picture taken and with taste too!

    Very much as I believe your parents have likewise expressed,

    " May you find the one love in your life in the future expectations for a happier life."

    Especially when you have all the intentions, from what I can tell from your photos, you are going to enjoy every second possible for you have the courage of both play and the ability to project your personality.

    Roger M. Christian
    Ithaca, New York

  14. I really love this oufit...and you are so funny.Thank you for these pictures and take a look to my shoes if you have some time


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