dressed up like a lady: Does Google Translate offer English -> 1930's Slang?

Jun 6, 2009

Does Google Translate offer English -> 1930's Slang?

It's hard not to love movies from the 1930's -- especially ones that were particularly modern at the time. The narrow, drapey silhouettes are so distinct. Also, diction classes taught by Hollywood movie studios must have been intense, because people speak with such slick, rapid-fire cadence. Just check out this scene with Jean Harlow and Clark Gable in China Seas, and you'll see what I mean.

Dress: Thrifted
Belt: Modcloth
Shoes: Guess?
Necklace: Vintage via the Getup

It actually seems kind of wrong to even talk about the style of 30's cinema without mentioning Grand Hotel. Greta Garbo might just be the most stylish woman of the decade (not counting Marlene Dietrich, who will totally get her own post).

Anyhow, the DJ just put on my favorite platter, so this alligator's going to kick up her gams and get this wingding started.


  1. another great outfit! you're like taken out of a black and white movie. Stunning!

  2. Wow! You look absolutely amazing!
    Love that dress & 1930's style on you!

  3. You know how much I love your style. You might not know how much I love thirties style. Basically, you look AMAZING and I will most definitely be renting all the videos mentioned in this post!

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  5. You look so loevly in that dress!

  6. Hi...see you in ChicĂ­simo...and now follow your blog.
    You´re a very stylish woman and beautiful...
    Kiss from Portugal...

  7. I can't believe it...even your house is vintage chic! You look amazing...as usual!

  8. this dress is supercute!



  9. Beautiful cut on that dress and you're right about those classic movies.

  10. Love this style! And the lingo, very fun. The 1930s look is great on you.

  11. Somehow I seem to always forget about 1930s style, which is strange since some of my favorite movies were made in the 30s. Of course now I'm going to associate the 1930s style with you wearing that fantastic dress - keep it up!

  12. I adore your belt. Hands down. For some reason, it immediately caught my eye, Gorgeous.


  13. hahha. i wish it did. shame it doesnt though, hey?

  14. I can't say I know too much about 30s movies, but you've definitely peaked my interest, you look great as usual!

  15. Lol, noice! You look completely glam and awesome :)

  16. You look amazing, C! I adore that dress!


    P.S. Would love to see your cat wearing a belt!

  17. Oh wow, love the thrift dress. How do you find such great stuff in thrift stores?

  18. Cammila, from youtube here's a scene from my favorite Judy Garland movie,
    The Clock. About five minutes in, the woman at the Lunchroom counter is Moyna MacGill, Angela Lansbury's mother.

    Judy Garland does NOT sing in this movie. If you like the first clip, try this more serious one: Cathedral Scene.

    The whole movie is on youtube. In short, during WWII, a soldier on two-day leave arrives in New York City, meets a girl, courts her, and they get married before his leave is up.

    A slice-of-life movie, and a darn good one in my opinion.


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