dressed up like a lady: Sexy specs: Glassesusa.com

Aug 7, 2009

Sexy specs: Glassesusa.com

I recently updated my glasses prescription, and it was a good thing I did. Not only is it an immense novelty to be able to see, but my new lenses coincided with an interesting promotion from the folks at glassesusa.com. They offered to send me a pair of frames to review -- and it's always good to have spares.


Glasses USA is a discount prescription eyeglasses store that sells prescription glasses cheap. Really cheap. As those who live in the States know, vision insurance usually sucks, and frames cost a lot. When your insurance (if you have insurance) only helps you cover one pair of frames a year, and frames usually cost $100 or more, it can be hard to switch your look up very much. But the frames at this shop are ridonkulously discounted, many in the $30 range. At those prices, you can actually afford to keep a variety of bespectacled looks in rotation.

These cat-eye inspired frames are "The Hilarie," and they're definitely nice. They're sturdy, well made, and comfortable. This was one of the styles that I tried on at my last optomitrist appointment, and that's the only catch about buying eyeglasses online -- you have to know what these shapes will look like on your face. So you'll want to do some homework, and maybe go down to DOC to try on some different specs, and make notes on what kinds look good on you. Small price to pay for...well, a smaller price. As another little bonus, you can enter the code Mommy5 and get 5% off your order. Every little bit helps!


  1. what a cutie! i like those glasses on you.

  2. I am no photographer, but everything about the picture in this post strikes me as perfect. The colors, the composition, the light, the mood . . . perfection.

  3. I really don't know how you can wear such almost-geeky-old school glasses so well!

    Was just exploring and came across your blog. Awesome, and your photos are so well done. and you look like fun too :D

  4. fun colors and pen! frames for $30 eh? not bad!

  5. You look very pretty with glasses!

  6. Oh I just dropped a wad of moola at a frame place in the spring. Okay, that's not "just", but it feels like it because I'm still paying the bill off. You look gorgeous in your economical specs- going to check out their store ;)

  7. I just recently did an upgrade in the specs department in my own life. It cost me a fortune and I wish I had heard of this place before, but now I know.
    Girls in glasses are sexy. No one can deny it.

  8. 'Not only is it an immense novelty to be able to see' - lol!!

    I think I need new glasses too, he he! Though I'm kinda liking the blur - except people may sometimes complain or find me rude cause I don't recognize them, lol!


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