dressed up like a lady: God, does it feel so good.

Oct 30, 2009

God, does it feel so good.

Since returning from a recent hiatus, my posting frequency took a while to fully recover, but that moment is officially over. It was hard to keep up with my blog while in the midst of moving -- with no permanent closet space. But I'm now happily settled in my new place.

Though surely, out of the 100+ other members of the fashion-blogging community listed on the right side of this page, many other hobbyists like myself have faced greater obstacles to their pastime than the mere transition to a new apartment.

Fortunately, you can just rest assured that this was the only thing hindering me from having my own creative fun with the internet. I'm happy to be back to putting my style ideas out there, and doing exactly what I want -- and I'm all the more grateful for the awesome, stylish folks who participate in this weird little enclave. Here's to all you kickass chicks, with the guts and energy to keep this crazy place interesting.

Military Band Jacket: Ralph Lauren
Jeans: Calvin Klein, from the depths of my closet
Ruffly Blouse: JCrew, also ancient
Oversize-Grommet Lace-Up Boots: Seychelles


  1. Those boots are just amazing!!

  2. Those boots are SO. AMAZING.

    Also glad you're back to continue spreading your fabness through the e-world :D yaya

  3. Glad you are settling in, your posts have been missed. :)

  4. gosh I moved too and didnt post for almost a month, sometimes more important things take over

  5. Lovely jacket and jeans. And yes, that comes from someone who does not wear jeans often, but yours are just lovely!

    Happy to have you blogging frequently again! Horay!

  6. those boots are great ;)


  7. will you post pictures of your new place? i'm dyin to see how your movie critic job influences your decor as much as it influences your style!!

  8. Great boots! Any chance of interior pics of your new apt? :)

  9. I know what you mean! I hate how guilty I feel if I'm not able to blog. Glad to see you're back though! Looking sharp!

  10. Love this look! Especially the blazer, hotness for Fall!


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