dressed up like a lady: The sun descending.

Oct 15, 2009

The sun descending.

The summer is gone, the Indian summer is past, and it's gotten magnificently cold outside. These pictures -- taken a few weeks ago, when the midday sun still begged for bare shoulders -- now seem like artifacts of another age.

50's style halter circle-dress (in "atomic print"!): Lilli Jean
Shoes: Steve Madden
Bowler hat: Sam's
Bag: Thrifted

So here's a great big welcome to autumn. Inconvenient and sometimes uncomfortable, I still love you, my dear. I greet your penetrating mix of chilling moisture and fierce winds with open arms. And a big-ass army surplus coat.

 Unabashedly played-out wolf t-shirt: Thrifted
Blue patent heels: vintage via the Getup
Military parka: army surplus


  1. Yes, it does seem like summer was so long ago now. cool coat, it's got some edge.

  2. hmmm, my comment dissappeared. I wrote about how your jacket is cool and has some edge.

  3. you are SO fab. and are you wearing a crinoline under your dress??? i love it.

  4. You may say its played out but I still love it. :-)

  5. Love the glasses and you look so badass in your coat!

  6. Such a pretty dress! I love the badass awesomeness of the second outfit too! Could you pair the awesome coat with a super cute delicate dress? Because that would be AWESOME! :D

  7. Great dress - it definitely feels like ages ago we had summer. The cold is here and love your army jacket - kick winter in the butt!

  8. That dress is amazing!
    Once again you look stunning!

  9. i have to agree with the coat, i LOVE it!
    but now i have coat-envy, i need me a big fat army parka!.. hm..

  10. Oh, your dress! That dress is beyond amazing

  11. love both outfits, and your hair!

  12. Love the dress with the hat! I can't find my hat like that and my feelings are hurt bad! It really seems like summer made the transition to fall in a heartbeat. Oh well, time to pull out the big coats.

    P.S. Love the blue shoes!


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