dressed up like a lady: He saw horses, horses, horses...

Nov 9, 2009

He saw horses, horses, horses...

Obliquely ironic horse t-shirt: UO
Over-the-knee socks: SockDreams
Navy wool mini-skirt: American Eagle via TJ Maxx (hellllll yeah)
Oxford shoes: Steve Madden
Leather bookbag: Thrifted

Avon kitty-cat watch: Thrifted

Today's post -- or, really, almost every post -- is dedicated to my official blog photographer Perry. Perry is a dear friend, and he takes just about every picture posted here (though the occasional collaboration with talented folks like Ryan Hyde and Andrew Leahey are always incredibly awesome).

Perry spends an unfathomable amount of time indulging me in myriad ways: when we're not watching movies, talking about movies, and reviewing movies, he's sending me hilarious animated gifs to keep me laughing throughout the workday, or just happily chatting with me about anything. And of course, when Perry does snap my picture, he captures every funny little moment that transpires while the camera is on -- even though most of them find me looking pretty silly. But, of course, silliness is what kickass friendships are all about.


  1. Oh my god, that kitty watch! I'd do just about anything to own something similar *_*

    Also, you're completely adorable!

  2. That watch is holy. You should get a high-five every day of your life for that purchase.

    Great outfit. I love horses so much.

  3. that watch is the cutest thing in the world... THE WORLD!

  4. i LOVE your kitty watch!

    i cant bring myself to buy one of those big screen print horse/tiger tops because they remind me wayyyy too much of childhood visits to gatlinburg.

  5. which over knees are those? I'm gonna go check the store I <3 them.

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit! That horse sweater wins at life. Truly epic. And your photographer sounds awesome!

  7. You look so glam as always- I must have the watch. Please! :)- ignore the first commenter who apparently agrees with me.
    That looks just like my cat- too cute!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  8. I love that outfit so much! I love reclaiming the horses and kittens of our childhood through our adult clothes. The watch is so super cute! I'm so glad I found your blog.

    Jenny (Fashion for Writers)

  9. I think the socks are my favorite part of the look!

  10. Oh you look amazing! Is the first time I'm in your blog and well you look really pretty!!

  11. Gorgeous, darling C! Love the socks so!


  12. aww that sounds like a great friendship and your stockings are cute

  13. You make me want socks to badly...

    It's just so damn cold

    (But if you ever come to Canada, we WILL hold down the shopping fort together)

  14. wonderful outfit and watch!!!:D

  15. Props to Perry - he's awesome!

    Old-ish Avon stuff can be the best kitschy things out there. That kitty watch is priceless and goes perfectly with the UO top.

  16. Im liking the look here!its a bit like a cool schoolgirl look!

  17. this post remind me of being a little girl. in fact, i think i may had had that sweater, lol. and as always, i would kill for those legs!!!

  18. That watch is the cutest I've ever seen! Love the skirt and socks too!

  19. Gorgeous kitty watch and I love the silly pictures - they make your blog even more interesting!

  20. That watch is KILLER

    For me, the skirt is def. too short, but it goes with the kind of nerdy theme going on

    Love the bag.

    Style on a String :: Because style has nothing to do with money.

  21. i just want this whole outfit..

    and if you throw perry in too, i'll send you a pic of me wearing it!


  22. Gorgeous outfit! I love those socks!


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