dressed up like a lady: If you wear that velvet dress.

Nov 20, 2009

If you wear that velvet dress.

Vintage 1930's velvet dress: Treasure Mart
Cropped moto jacket: H&M
Bowler hat: Sam's
Boots: Kelly & Katie
Tapestry bag: Vintage via the Getup

Well, this is my new apartment -- or at least part of it. The walls of the kitchen are lemon yellow, the living room is minty green, and the bathroom is peppermint pink, so I call my modest little place the Candy Box. The house was once an ornate Victorian home, so technically my flat is known as The Library, which is what it used to be. But muddling the issue further is my friend Margaret, who for reasons unknown calls my place the Mother Effin' Kasbah. I guess we'll just see which name catches on, but go ahead and speak up if you think there's a clear winner.


  1. Oh wow! Your apartment seems so amazing! Those giant doors, those colours! I'm jealous ;_;

    Also love the normally classy dress paired with the leather jacket! Very cool.

  2. i like the candy box myself - seems most appropriate!

    also i think you're channeling molly ringwald with that hat. love it.

  3. that is a cute kitchen... is that the fridge adorable!

  4. Gorgeous all around down to the yellow walls! That dress and bag are amazing.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  5. wow your apartment looks grand! such pretty colours and details
    and i love your outfit! the jacket toughens up the velvet dress, and the bowler hat is too cute! you always know how to make an outfit :)


  6. You live in a former library?! *Green with jealousy! (Librarian student here) By the way, super outfit! :D It's rad! Have a great week.

  7. I love the little bit of pink peaking out your hat! It adds the perfect touch of personality.

  8. Wow you make me love floor-length dresses. This dress is amazing! Love it with the boots.

  9. My kitchen is mint green, my living room is red and white, and my bedroom is a really weirdly icky yellow! I feel like I live in a candy house sometimes too. I also adore adore adore your velvet dress and am so envious of your ability to look so good in hats!


  10. I you wear that velvet dress ...
    you look stunning!

    Candy box really sounds adorable. It's cool your house used to be a library and that it is so colourful!

  11. glam! you made me fall in love with velvet for the first time.

    I Am Denise Katipunera

  12. Oooh. Love the colors of the new crib and victorian apartments are always the best. I love the whole antique feel of it but with punchy wall colors it adds a litle bit of sass.

    Love the velvet dress btw. Velvet is of the gods.


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