dressed up like a lady: Is it strange to dance so soon?

Nov 12, 2009

Is it strange to dance so soon?


Dress: BB Dakota via Modcloth
Grey Tights: Hue


Heart Sunglasses: UO
Boleyn Style 'C' Necklace: Duchessa 

I adore this necklace, but I must say for the record that if I can ever afford WendyBrande' s Boelyn Necklace, I'll be on it like an ambitious courtier on the king of effing England.


Mid-Calf Lace-Up Boots: Irregular Choice

Okay let's just say it: these boots are bananas. They look like a Victorian granny boot, crossed with a bowling shoe, crossed with a football. And they're awesome.


  1. Those shoes are really something! And I adore your dress!

  2. Irregular Choice makes some 'crazy shit' (for lack of a better term!) Some of it succesful(like your boots) and some...not so much. These boots are the definition of bananas. Your description was spot on! I wish I looked as fantastic in pink as you do. Hawt.

  3. you're right! the boots ARE awesome! your description of them is perfect.

  4. Your description of those shoes is almost spot-on - just a wee bit more emphasis on the awesome! ;-) I had that dress (I won it from this blog, I'm 99% sure) but it was too big so I gave it away. It looks so good on you!

  5. you look as great as always, love your boots!

  6. my boyfriend says those boots are like boxing boots crossed with sexy woman boots! lol

    ugh there are some wendyB pieces i'd LOOOVE to get my hands on. she's amazing.

  7. T Rex title? :D

    Those are some amazing boots!

  8. LOVE that dress, I think I'm officially in love with flower print for fall/winter

  9. Your description of those boots is awesome and spot on!

  10. That dress is a lust for the eye!

  11. i totally love the shoes! not sure what i would wear them with but i would rock em no questions :)

  12. haha. those shoes are a bit confused aren't they? i guess thats why they're so great.

  13. Oh, my! I am in love with that dress. I love the fabric so much and it's a lovely cut, just gorgeous- lucky girl.

    Florrie x

  14. oh my what perfect style you have!!
    must follow you and your gorgeous!!!



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