dressed up like a lady: Little of this, little of that.

Dec 18, 2009

Little of this, little of that.

This is a shot taken about a million years ago by my friend, photoblogger Ryan Hyde. Okay, maybe it was more like a couple months ago, but regardless, I never ended up posting it here, and now seemed like as good a time as any. I love the braiding on the shoulders of this sweater-dress.

Okay, and going back even further in time: does anybody remember over the summer, when for about a week, everybody got obsessed with that Mad Men Yourself avatar builder? Well my Mad Men Me drove me crazy. They didn't have my nose! All the hairstyles were too long! So I fired up Illustrator and had fun wasting a couple hours changing the shape of the nose, the angle of the eyes, the shape of the hair, etc. I also took a boy's outfit, changed the proportions and added boobs. And made myself a Queen lunchbox (a better prop than anything they had on the website!). But it was all just for fun, so naturally it never occurred to me to post it.

Anyway, the impeccable Thom from The Sunday Best recently got around to posting his own Mad Men Me, so once again, I figured there's no time like the present. Better late than never, right? Anyway, have a great weekend -- but if you do something awesome, don't forget to post pictures!


  1. Oooh, I love it all! That braiding is lovely and the avatar is hilarious/awesome.

  2. i LOVE your mad men self! it's perfect!

  3. i never knew about mad men yourself!! thats so cool! i love yours, especially since yours has a queen lunchbox, win. and that braided sweater is gorgeous


  4. Dang girl, that is some sweater..


  5. Sweet sweater! Love the colour and the braiding :)

  6. Awesome braiding and your Mad Men is funny! :D Love the lunchbox!

  7. that pic of you is amazing!


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