dressed up like a lady: April 2009

Apr 24, 2009


I almost didn't post these pictures, because I left the light settings on my camera all out of whack (oops), and consequently looked even more washed out than usual. But upping the contrast seems to have made them discernible -- even if things look a little painted and odd.

Vintage child's dress: The Getup
Boots: Ralph Lauren
Cardi: vintage Garland
Earrings: imyourpresent

Another regret is that I didn't get a better shot of these earrings, which feature a lovely portrait of a pony. That, and the glaringly neglected button.

Apr 22, 2009

The novelty remains.

The color/light came out strangely in the pics of this outfit, so my grey tights look black. But I'm posting it anyway, just to point out how a wool sweater can, in fact, be part of a celebratory, spring ensemble -- if you're still gobsmacked just that you don't have to wear a coat.

Besides, the real star of the outfit is this leather bookbag I saved from the Goodwill. It just needed the clasp replaced!

Additionally, for some reason this felt like a good day to showcase a couple of my vintage compacts. It's sort of fun (dare I say, novel) to pull out a trinket with its own history and character when you need to do something as mundane as powdering your nose. Plus, um, they're pretty.

This brass and enamel one was my grandma's. She received it as a bridesmaid gift when she stood up in her cousin's wedding in 1928. But, not being much of a girly girl, she never used it! (She was and remains a devoted Coty gal.)

This made it particularly easy to clean, but well-used compacts aren't much harder. Just remove all the marks and deposits with a damp cloth, then polish it up with a little alcohol -- but don't use the alcohol on any enamel parts, only on shiny metal. Anyway, loose powder vintage compacts are especially useful if you wear mineral makeup; just fill up the powder compartment with your dusting of choice.

There are other uses, though. This 20's compact featuring a gamine chick emerging from a big red flower (?) makes a lovely container for stowing my extensive stash of pills while I'm on the go.

Very Valley of the Dolls, but they're all over-the-counter. A girl can't let her allergies get the best of her.

Apr 15, 2009

Just act naturally.

If you happen to find yourself cruising by the website of awesome vintage shop Chi Chi and the Greek, the crazy eyed girl on the front page might look familiar. That's because it's me! The photo was taken by the amazing Christian O'Grady during the same shoot I used to make my banner. For this one picture, the store's sweet and hilarious proprietor Kelly basically directed me to act like a manic flapper. I hope I did an okay job.

So in honor of my newfound fame: a flapper inspired outfit!

Top: UO
Skirt: UO
Shoes: Target
Purse: Vintage via the Getup 

Sadly, I have no speakeasy to visit, so the best I can do is shake my tailfeather among the baking supplies at Zingerman's Bakehouse.

I don't know how jazzy it is, but I have a real soft spot for this cute little crocheted bag, mostly because its amber colored handle gives the impression of Bakelite. Even the illusion of early plastics is enough to make me feel straight out of Great Gatsby.

Apr 10, 2009

How many teddy bears died to make that coat!?

I love fake fur. This faux fuzzball from the Salvation Army makes me feel like a plush toy. Well, more than usual.

Coat: Thrifted
Shoes: Christian Robertson
Tights: Hue


Most of my blog pics are taken by my awesome friend Perry, but these ones were taken by my friend Andrew Leahey, who had no trouble filling in. The best shot from the set had to be this one where I'm coolly juxtaposed with an object in the background, which just happens to somewhat problematically be a dumpster.

Not that I have anything against trash receptacles. Actually, is it me, or does this shot totally look like the cover for a club-mix CD that the dumpster and I recorded together?

Apr 6, 2009

No such thing as spring.

Just when the sun has come out, the birds have flown back up north, and the flowers have started blooming, that's when we get a mini snowstorm.

Skirt: Vintage via the Getup
Belt: UO
Scarf: Thrifted
Top: UO
Shoes: Guess?

The benefits of this skirt are twofold. Not only is it made of nice, warm wool, but the applique raccoon dangling from a branch bears an uncanny resemblance to a kitten on one of those inspirational "Hang in there!" posters. For once, I think I understand the sentiment.

Apr 2, 2009

Freedom of movement.

The sun is out, the temperature is up, and aside from a chilly breeze, it's perfect weather for getting into outdoor mischief! I'll take a roomy sweater over a wool overcoat any day. 

Dress: H&M
Sweater: Lux
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Bag: Vintage via tragically forgotten Etsy seller
Gold lamé belt: Came with a vintage, sequined romper