dressed up like a lady: The absolute best of the absolute worst.

Feb 10, 2010

The absolute best of the absolute worst.

Well I sure am glad that I bought an extended warranty for my camera. I recently had to send it off for repairs, but it's finally back. So you can rest assured, I'll be taking LOTS of outfit pictures in the coming days, to make up for lost time.

In the meantime, here's a semi-embarrassing collection. Over the years, there have been quite a few outfits that I went ahead and took pictures of, but later realized were not blog-worthy. There's a lot of them! So how many mediocre shots does it take to equal one good one? You be the judge! ;)


  1. I've had that happen to me too, where I'd be wearing an outfit that I don't think is very blog-worthy, but I'm not sure whether I should take a picture anyway.

    But! I do like some of these outfits-- and your legs look fabulous! goodness.


  2. some of those were definitely blog worthy.... wellll maybe not by your out there standards, but i liked em!

    the charlie chaplain-esque one with the umbrella is my fav :)

  3. Mediocre? Surely you're kidding. These are all amazing, especially the last one and the one at the plant store!

  4. Girl, don't even front and try to tell me that the fourth photo of you sitting on the sidewalk in pin up shorts is not an A++++ photo! That is exactly how I want to look all summer, whenever the heck summer comes.

  5. They seem blog-worthy to me!

    But you would look beautiful wearing anything, seriously.

  6. I absolutely adore both the third outfit and the last one (I love velvet jackets). Why did you excluded them??? :P

    PS: Sorry, my blog is in italian...but I thought it was not nice, commenting without leaving a link :P

  7. You still look great in all of these.. i know that feeling.. not loving a pic/outfit after its taken. Loving that trademark pink stripe in your hair too :)

  8. i like 'em all, too. and the shots are lovely..

    alice d.

  9. I personally think that the third picture with the umbrella is a fantastic picture!

  10. YAY! I love when you have LOADS of outfits in one posts. So much fun!

  11. Again some bright & beautiful colors to make me melt! Xoxo

  12. I don't think they're mediocre at all! I love the first one, the third one and that last one is great. I love your play with colors. You are always so vibrant. Such a great eye!

  13. Dear Cammila, there's a few outfits I absolutely do consider post-worthy! And lucky me: even if not intended you finally did so. ;)

  14. These outfits are so fabulously retro! My fav one is the one with red tights. I love your taste and courage!
    So, they were worth publishing after all!

  15. Amazing outfits! I love them all!


  16. I love your outfits. I voted to you at chicisimo

  17. i love these! i'm glad you have saved all the photos. you are a great dress-er!

  18. You RoCk blonde -

    I'd wear any of these outfits
    in a heart beat:

    black suit - works for work
    blue skirt & ivory top - dinner
    mary poppins gone butch - oh yeah
    lolita - on the curb - come, lets
    hippie - to my heart
    femme fatale red hose - ohMy
    butchie - I'm there

  19. this is very retro. im loving the pink hair. brings out the black. and i like how the person in the photo isnt looking at the carea.. it gives the picture a out standing effect



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