dressed up like a lady: Cold day in the sun.

Mar 15, 2010

Cold day in the sun.

It's kind of funny: Michigan has such long, epic winters that you can find a narrow, specific place in the season for just about any coat. This belted 70's wrap coat is having a brief moment in the sun right now (so to speak), as the temperature finally rises far enough away from freezing that the open neck isn't a total dealbreaker.
Coat: vintage via the Getup


  1. pretty outfit!
    and i just LOVE your hair! ^^

  2. Love all your outfits...especialy green and turquoise.
    Have a nice week!

  3. i know what you mean about coat rotation! i am currently wearing out my bright green pea coat ... it just seems perfect for march!

  4. I love the pink in your hair. I just might have to try that sometime. :)


  5. You have the best coat collection ever!

  6. I have to say your use of color is amazing! It looks great on you. So cool

    Have you heard of the new fashion website called dalancefashion.com? You should make a profile on it! I was reading your information and it seems like you might like it!

    Check out my blog! http://modedevoted.blogspot.com/ Im trying to get a few more followers, so if you have time please add me :)

    Also do you have a stand/tripod to take your pics? They look great. Or does someone take them for you? Im thinking I should invest in one.

    ps love your stlye

    Hannah xx

  7. I love your hair so much...and your outfits rock!

  8. Your hair is incredibly amazing !
    And the coat goes so well with the background !

  9. Great outfit and beautiful pictures =)

  10. adore the coat & those earrings.

  11. The glasses are amzazing. I also love the fur collar of your coat

  12. oh my i'm in love with your tights


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