dressed up like a lady: Laying in the grass, my heart flares like fire.

Mar 31, 2010

Laying in the grass, my heart flares like fire.

About a million years ago, I visited New Zealand with a professor, and got to spend some time with an amazing Maori community on a marae in Taihape. It was a really wonderful experience, and so was the rest of New Zealand.


While staying in Auckland, I popped into a little boutique called Poirot, where I fell in love with this skirt. The woman who owned and ran the place glanced at it protectively as I grabbed it off the rack, and seemed a little guarded as I tried it on. Eventually, I asked her if everything was okay, and she said "It's just that I only made one of that skirt. So it's one of a kind." It turned out that she designed and made everything in the shop by hand.

I promised to really love and cherish the skirt -- which I do. When it's cold out, it's like wearing a soft, wool blanket. So on one of the last cold days of the year (hopefully) I thought I'd put it one final time for the season, and see how it stood up to the early spring breezes. And dance a very clumsy jig in the mud...


  1. Nice skirt. I love your hair.

  2. This outfit really suits you!

    CC xXx

  3. I love how different all of your outfits are and how despite that, they all seem to suit you.

  4. It is so beautiful, so funny that you picked up on her protective vibe. I've gotten those looks at many a garage sale !

  5. I just love your hair :)


  6. my friend's mom just did the iron man triathlon in NZ! her pictures made me want to go sooo bad!

    this skirt is a much better souvenir than any old t-shirt!

  7. This is a totally different direction than most of your other outfits, but just as stunning!

  8. This might be my new favorite look from you. It's simple, but absolutely stunning! You look like a star

  9. Wonderful pics1 love the skirt in these!

  10. Great skirt, Cammila!
    Love your hair =)

  11. That skirt is to die for! Supremely lovely. And I have a question not related to this post-- where would you recommend looking for button-up blouses that are actually proportioned for girls with a bust?

    My figure is similar to yours (not the height, sadly) and I'd all but given up on wearing them til I saw a few of your older posts featuring some amazing blouses. Do you typically alter them yourself or do I just really need to find an H&M? :)

  12. I love your clumsy jig and your style. Your hair is really inspiring, It's so striking and you still look so feminine even with the short hair. You were part of my inspiration in chopping of my locks.
    Thank you :)

  13. quite lovely, an ensemble worthy
    of an edgy, indie film -hmmm...
    if that type of film exusts.

    how wonderful a boutique full of
    handmade clothes.


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