dressed up like a lady: Danger zone.

Jun 21, 2010

Danger zone.

I have decided that today is Aviator Sunglasses Day.

Oh, who am I kidding. That could be every day...


Boots: vintage Zodiac
Shorts: made from destroyed, ancient jeans
T-shirt: vintage via my boyfriend,
via the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,
via 1989


There are no words for how much I love my vintage cowboy boots. What's really tragic is that the Etsy seller I bought them from years ago no longer exists, so I can't even give them credit!


How's this for a huge lunchbox? Found this vintage metal picnic basket at the local antique shop. If you find yourself headed to work hauling in a bag of salad greens, a loaf of bread, jar of almond butter, and other assorted items to store in the office fridge for the week, it's very useful.

Cut-offs so worn out that the pocket is peeking out of a hole. Hot or trashy? Wait, don't answer that.


Who's this Burt Reynolds looking badass? Why it's my friend and musical comrade Charlie Slick!

How about that mustache!? His recent foray into AMAZING 70's facial hair was so impressive, I promised our mutual friend (and my own personal wizard) David that if he snapped some shots of Charlie vamping it up, I'd gladly post his hotshit style right here.

Sunglasses: David's via Target
Jacket: Charlie's, thrifted
'Stache: %100 pure manliness


  1. everyday should be aviator day!

    those boots are fantastic, quite the heel too!

  2. Looking good! I remember reading a magazine feature with Trinny and Susannah where one of their style rules was thou shalt not wear boots in the summer. That's when I thought "pffft! What do you know? I'm making up my own style rules!"

  3. love it! you look so fab, and by far, the best hair in the blogworld!



  4. You're right -- those are great boots.

  5. That shirt is the shit.
    'Nuff said.

    Lizabeth xoxo

  6. i think it should aviator sunglasses day TOMORROW so i will know to wear mine! ;)

  7. the cut-offs are HOT and those boots look amazing, how lucky to find them! and your friend is cool too, i love you both in these pictures!
    semi-ironic 70s mustaches don't suit everybody but i always fancy my bf a little more when he grows one :p


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