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Aug 23, 2010

Takin' Care of (effin!) Business

So how was everybody's weekend? Mine was great! My boyfriend, MC, gave me an amazing gift!

To thank me for my "indispensable TCBing," he gave me official Elvis Presley TCB jewelry!

For those who don't know, TCB stands for Taking Care of Business. Elvis used to bestow these custom pendants on friends, employees, and karate instructors who impressed him by thinking fast and acting smart.

And of course, being willing to step up!
Kick ass!
And do what needs to get done! >:D

Our life is pretty crazy, and it tickled me to no end that my man felt the need to thank me for my efforts to manage the madness!

Thanks, MC! You make high-kicking karate chops easy. ;)


  1. *sigh* i am an eternal lover of the king. how badly do i want that necklace? MC definitely knows how to pick em!

  2. Love the jewelry, and those shoes (like all the others) are incredible.

  3. Your shoes are amazing as always and Love the blue dress! Looks so fab on you!

  4. most BA bf present ever. love love!

  5. That necklace is so cool! It has a history and so it makes it a great piece to own! You look great btw :)

  6. How effin' cool is that ☺
    Love the skirt & top!!!

  7. you are insanely gorgeous and i love your photos and your shoes!

  8. you sure are tkb! keep up the good work. I got a little bit of inspiration for my boy short blog from u. cheers

  9. So sweet ...

    I love your shoes.

    Come by and get to know me at

  10. Amazing all of pieces in your outfit love xx

  11. Love Love Love!
    the necklace the pix all awesome!

  12. are your shoes a tribute to germany or belgium. Made me immediately think of these two countries.

  13. What an incredibly thoughtful gift - and amazing that it looks equally as good on you as it does on the king.

  14. What a great gift, love the necklace!

  15. Ahhhh I LOVE that TCB necklace!!!

    Sal xXx


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