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Oct 19, 2010

Baby yes, until the end of time.

Forgive me, but I'm just going to be as direct as possible here.

My cat recently peed on a bunch of my stuff. It turned out he was sick (poor guy!). He's all better now, but sadly, as anybody with a cat knows, once a cat has peed on something, it's pretty much done for.

10-10-10 232

Among the items he peed on were my moto jacket and my favorite vintage slouch boots. It took a long time to find worthy and affordable pieces to replace them, but I think I finally have them, with these 70's Zodiac boots, and thrifted cafe jacket!

Having a few of my favorite things back is really nice. So nice, that I think I'll list a few more things I adore!

1.Delicious, local apples!
10-10-10 226
Need I say more?
2. The Atlantic and Its Enemies by Norman Stone
At 600 pages, Stone's Brit-centric account of the Cold War is a little meandering, but I mean that in the best way -- especially after John Lewis Gaddis' The Cold War, a New History, which felt like it had been rendered overly concise, in a specifically misguided attempt to lure in readers my own age and background. Stone offers a highly referential and explicitly personal analysis, which makes the reading experience basically like listening to the stories and dissections of  your dad or your favorite prof. Stone's analysis is all presented through his own personal prism (he spent some time living in Turkey, and thus devotes way more page space to the nation's role on the post-war stage than a straight narrative would) but he never pretends otherwise, and I don't mind it in the least.

Wow, it feels a little strange to talk about books on this blog! I guess I never get much into discussing reading, politics, spirituality, or much else about me on here -- since this blog is about clothes!  ;)

3. Three letters: PDA!
I wouldn't remember to screw my head on in the morning without my iPhone.

3. My Ridiculous Cat
I love him, urinary problems and all.

5. Coffee, My Boyfriend, and my Boyfriend's Hair
Matt Collar pours me some Zingerman's Roast.


  1. this was such a great entry -- i feel like i know you a little better! the cold war is such a fascinating time period!

  2. This is a very excellent list of very excellent things. Minus the cat pee, of course.

    And I'm not sure if I have ever commented here, but if not I would just like to say that you are pretty much the absolute reason I got into fashion blogging. I love your steez, dear.

    And I think that quote about holding a grudge is outstanding beyond words. I will carry that with me, thank you.

    And the best well wishes to you and your boyfriend and your boyfriend's hair. Tis a good time of year, indeed. Cheers!


  3. adorable little skirt! and howl's moving castle and spirited away are two of my favorite movies. definitely read the books. they are even better. :)


  4. I love lists of adored things; a little positivity goes a long way.
    Congrats on finding new favorites to replace your old ones, and for being patient enough to wait for those good things to come at the right time. Also, kudos to being a pretty girl who reads real books. Always good to know that the people you admire have admirable hobbies. You should talk books more often. And I recently went from a blackberry-type pda to a fascinate (the verizon iphone) and its a new world where I literally NEED my phone... specifically, I need Pandora at my fingertips 24/7- and Minus the Bear and Julien Casablancas are both in heavy rotation for me. And Vampire Weekend is to me what Paramore is to you.
    Glad to know that other people are experiencing the amor fati (Nietzsche) of life. It's the only way to live.


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