dressed up like a lady: Close to home.

Nov 9, 2010

Close to home.

Just a quick and comfortable outfit for going to see some jazz at the bar around the corner from our apartment.
Blouse: H&M
Jeans: BDG
Shoes: Irregular Choice
Brooch: Thrifted 

We haven't been going out much lately, because MC still has a hint of a cold. Lots of staying in, watching movies, and showing each other silly things on the internet.

(Tissues feel nicer on your nose when you get them from Totoro.)

And of course, delicious treats always help you feel better. We made vegan malted milk shakes the other night with coconut ice cream, a little almond milk, and some barley malt. 

I promise, our antique Moderntone cups won't give you lead poisoning. This puts them another point ahead of Fiestaware in the fictional war that wages between these two brands of pre-war dishware in my mind.


  1. your heels are FABULOUS! i like how you dressed them down with the jeans and plaid shirt. great all over look :)

  2. omygosh. i live and breathe boyfriend jeans! they are like pajama pants but for the day and so much cuter! haha



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