dressed up like a lady: Ghosts of Outifts Past

Nov 29, 2010

Ghosts of Outifts Past

I wore some fairly interesting outfits to a few events over the past few months. Except I was having such a good time, I forgot to pose for outfit pics. Where I'm from, that's what they call a high class problem.

Anyway, I do have some random snapshots of this stuff, where technically, clothing is visible, even if it's not well displayed.

Jeremy and Mariah's Wedding Reception/Party:

 Our friends Jeremy and Mariah had an awesome post-wedding bash at a local bar called the Blind Pig. It was one of the best parties we went to all year.

Unsurprising, coming from the proprietors of the Bang! (And some of our favorite people.)

Matt Collar and Cammila steam up the photobooth.
Two kissing shots in one photo-booth strip probably = fail.

MC took a paparazzi shot of me examining my totally decimated eye makeup at the end of the night...

So I waited 5 seconds, turned around, and took one of him. Because that is how I roll.

Birthday Bowling Party:
I had a bowling party for my birthday party back in September, even though I am TERRIBLE at bowling.

This is what I do when I roll a gutter. Which happens A LOT.
(The crazy sunglasses were a present from my best friend David. He got them at a thrift store, and they were promotional toys from the movie Back to the Future II. They also probably weren't helping my game).

Also, on the off chance that you enjoy the movie The Big Lebowski, I paid homage to it with my party invitations.

Love and Rollercoasters:
The next day, MC took me to Cedar Point, the nearest amusement park. 

It was very fun, even though being 100 feet in the air on a fall night can get pretty chilly.

Hope everybody stateside had a great holiday. My pies were a big hit, as was Inglorious Basterds.


  1. Your dress from the wedding is so pretty! Was it thrifted?

  2. you look like you really know how to have a night out on the town in style! You look like a goddess in that blue gown and then a few photos later you're totally bad ass in those leather hotpants! Love it!

  3. you have such a great shape! I love the leather shorts, the fact that you had a bowling party even though you claim you suck, and that you themed it after the Big Lebowski!! Shut the fuck up, Donny!


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