dressed up like a lady: No one is as lucky as us.

Nov 15, 2010

No one is as lucky as us.

Denim shorts with tights: it must be Monday. Oh wait, I mean any lazy day of the week.

Blue Suede Over the Knee Boots: Vintage via Ebay
Shorts: H&M
Tights: UO
Sweater: Ancient JCrew
Jacket: Thrifted

I'd be lying if I said most of my shorts-with-boots combos were not inspired, at least on some level, by Debbie Harry.

But you can't blame me, can you? Just look at that fox!

Anyway, no post is complete without a sappy, blown-out, and completely out of focus boyfriend shot...

And actually, speaking of MC: I'd like to pay a brief tribute to his short lived, full-on, James Brolin-style beard: 

Matt Collar and James Brolin. Quite similar, no?

He shaved it a couple weeks ago, but I miss its RAW MASCULINE POWER!!!

Just kidding. But not really.


  1. Gorgeous electric blue boots. Definitely channeling Harry and doing a good job of it.

  2. I am in love with your boots. Thats one of my fav shoe colors!!! These are my latest blue beauties.. http://www.shopfriiscompany.com/dk/pilar-101237785-102237803.html

  3. Those boots are as fierce as you!! Fabulous!

  4. It's not lazy, it's understated cool! x


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