dressed up like a lady: Scenes from a co-habitation.

Nov 23, 2010

Scenes from a co-habitation.

What, you never look like this?

Let's take a peek at MC and my delightful (if uneventful) home life:

On any given night, you're likely to find MC and I hanging around the kitchen, baking treats. Well, you'll find me baking treats. MC is in charge of keeping me happy and entertained, DJing, finding funny things to read me, and generally being sweet, so the food is infused with blissed out, sexy vibes. Which totally works, by the way.

I LOVE veganizing old recipes, which can be a challenge. Just the other night, I had to make some pie crusts, which meant busting out the 1949 Encyclopedic Cookbook and making some revisions.

Voila -- pecan pie! I still had to make 2 more pumpkin pies and a batch of puff pastry, but it was a good start.

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  1. wow your life/apartment looks like something on the Selby, awesome!


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