dressed up like a lady: Side by side comparison.

Nov 4, 2010

Side by side comparison.

My boyfriend recently created this little mock-up of a picture he took of me at the park, with a picture of me from back in high school! I don't know if I should be flattered or embarrassed.

By the way, I highly recommend wearing a romper to the park. Ideal for scaling rope ladders!

On an unrelated note, it was my boyfriend's birthday recently, and one of the presents I got him was this set of vintage, 1960's litho prints.


I was so tickled that he loved them! The one on the right is a Maio, but the one on the left -- the trumpet player -- is a lesser Big Eye painter named Medeiros.

He was the reason I bought the set, and I dig Medeiros' style. Those Keane style HUGE EYED paintings kind of creep me out! Except, of course, when the subject is that naturally adorable:



  1. The prints are lovely, though that style always reminds me of the terrifyingly doe-eyed portraits on the walls of the ballet school from my tender years. Before it burnt down under mysterious circumstances anyway. And, as ever, you look stunning!

  2. Wauw, I know it's the hair but you look quite different from high school! You seem to glow more in the recent picture!

  3. Love the high-school pic. What a difference though!

  4. I was always interested how you looked in your teenage years. It's funny to see how much your look has changed. though you also looked cute with 17 ^^

  5. u used to be a pure, sweet gal, now, u're the best rock n chic gal i've never seen be4.


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