dressed up like a lady: So many knick knacks, so little time...

Nov 22, 2010

So many knick knacks, so little time...

We had an hour to kill, in close proximity to the local Antique's Mall. The name tells you everything.

Matt Collar found and adopted this little owl.



This little section of art deco stuff seemed as good a place as any to snap an outfit pic, since this dress is pretty 70's does 30's:
Deco Disco Dress: Vintage via Vulture Culture Vintage
Sparkly Tights: Sockdreams
Shoes: Thrifted

This section had lots of pretty things, including a silhouette of what appears to be a naked flute player.

I tried (and failed) to imitate her sensual, art nouveau pose.


Yes, this is a picture of me cradling a 1920's "personal massager" with crazed joy. 

Yes, I thoroughly disinfected my face afterward.  

This Elton John Captain Fantastic pinball machine makes me wish I had a game room. 

Although I don't really think Elton John has much interest in big booby women...

Whiskey on tap?

This old package of straws says "Like Nature's Own."
Like nature's own what? Straws? What does that even mean?!

Did you know Lois Lane got her own comic?!
And it's kind of fetishy....


 Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. I never really thought about it before but 70s dresses like that are totally 30s. You look hot, by the way.

  2. I only wish I could find a way to incorporate the phrase "sexy flautist" into my day-to-life. . .

    At least I have something very important to think about now.

    Should it be a band name? I feel like it can't be, unless the band is me. And I play flute. Should it be the title of my Autobiography? A vanity license plate? A tattoo perhaps? Ah, the possibilities...

    And I like that Brandon touched on this as well (that sounds like a sexy flautist thing to say), about 70s does 30s being very true. I have a theory that we cycle fashion in increments of 20's. Like... 80s does 40s. 90s does 70s. 2000s do 80s. 2010 does 90s.

    And so on ad nauseum (<- I'm getting red squiggles, but know that's correct. Right?).

    Enough of this ramble.

    Happy Thanksgiving from one American to another.


  3. Oh I would love the Elton John pinball machine.. enjoy your new comics! Nice photoshoot.

  4. personal massager!!!! ahh!!!

    ps. i love your orange dress ... pretty pretty!


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