dressed up like a lady: What a Good Boy.

Nov 6, 2010

What a Good Boy.

Today's post comes with kind of a funny story.

I was forcing MC to sit on the other end of the camera and pose for a few pics as we bought our  coffee at Zingerman's  -- since he was clearly looking dapper and amazing...


I had just taken a handful, but before I could trade places and pose for a few shots myself....
Sweater Vest: Vintage via the Getup
Pants: Depths of MC's closet
Corduroy Sportcoat: Thrifted
Saddle Shoes: Bass

...Steven Page walked in. Kickass vocalist and songwriter, former lead singer of Barenaked Ladies, and present awesome solo artist.

He just happened to be in Michigan playing a show that night.What's really strange is that MC works for the music department in our office, and he had JUST reviewed Steven Page's new album! 

Mr. Page was more than sweet, and though I promised not to post his picture on the internet, he insisted that I could go ahead if I wanted. So of course, the pic was on Facebook in 10 minutes flat. 
After all that, we were so tickled by our celebrity encounter that we forgot to take any outfit pics of me, so we snapped a few later at home, in our kitchen.

Skirt: Vintage via Emma's Vintage
Turtleneck: Target
Boots: Seychelles

Okay and finally, on a totally unrelated note:
Is it me, or does MC's goatee make him bare an uncanny resemblance to my cat?

I mean that in the best way possible. They're both very handsome gentlemen! ;)


  1. that skirt is fabulous as is that story!

    yes your cat and the bf do have the same beard hehe

  2. ah you all look so fabulous!! the pic comparing your guy to the kitty is so cute! and funny :)

  3. i love that skirt! adorable :)


  4. this skirt is just amazing. the whole outfit is so awesome...

    funny pictures...too


  5. Love the cord blazer..recently bought my husband a cool velvet blazer. I need to hit the Get Up if I'm ever in AA.


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