dressed up like a lady: My camera is back -- these are the last pics from my phone!

Dec 20, 2010

My camera is back -- these are the last pics from my phone!

Good God, it's cold out!
Raw Wool Cardigan: Free People
Plaid Flounce Skirt: Free People
Over-the-knee Socks: UO
Sock Garters: Sockdreams
Ankle Boots: Thrifted

I hunted for little shearling-lined ankle boots at my local charity shops all of last year, and finally found some this fall at out local Ragstock. I like the little contrasting detail on the back!

*Sigh* Skirts that are a perfect length in the front are always too short in the back!

Do any other high-waisted girls have this problem?


  1. yeah, probably, but i guess i'm too naive (don't know whether it's the right word) to notice, haha. your faces are brilliant

  2. yes, and I don't even try to bend over in clothes anymore. If I drop something it's got to be worth the awkward side-bend/squat stance to pick up...
    you're right though, this is the right length, and the plaid flounciness of it all is just perfection.

  3. I'm feeling so sock garder deprived.. especially since Im wearing a pair of black wool over the knee knit ones right now, and I was pulling them over my pleather leggings all day to stay up... I need these asap.. and I love yours :)

  4. I love the nordic cardi and the hiking boots. great team!

    love, kimi


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