dressed up like a lady: Top 7 Sources of Simultaneous Holiday Stress/Joy!

Dec 22, 2010

Top 7 Sources of Simultaneous Holiday Stress/Joy!

MC and I are traveling to visit my family and then his family. And we'll be the only vegans present for MANY days! 

It's stressful to prepare, but isn't it also kind of enjoyable? Here's a list of things that bring me holiday stress, while simultaneously bringing me joy! Maybe you can relate?

1.) Mending, washing, and packing clothes:

There's something kind of meditative about getting all your tights, skirts, shoes, ties, and everything else in order for your trip. Plus, I LOVE our vintage Samsonite suitcases (I have the exact set pictured in this ad!)

2) Preparing all of our vegan food:
Thank God for cashews, Daiya cheese, Earth Balance, nutritional yeast, etc.

MC and I will be the lone vegans staying with both of our families for the coming week, so I have a lot to prepare. But of course -- I LOVE cooking! So really, I can't complain!

 What I'm making:  
Creamy Potato-Kale-Cauliflower Mash, 
Shitake Miso Gravy, 
Nutritionally Dense Salads, 
Creamy Tomato Sauce 
(to go with our younger, pickier family member's favorite Kamut Pasta)
Pecan Pie, and 
Apple Pie. 
 (Recipes upon request!)

3) Rereading my favorite Anais Nin books: 
Namely: Fire, Little Birds, and House of Incest. (Nin used the word "incest" metaphorically, to symbolize the kind of narcissistic love in which people don't actively love each other, but rather simply love the reflection they see in their partner of of themselves, and the experience of being loved.)

It's sort of masochistic to launch yourself into an intense read while you're busy, and have little time to pick up a book. But I can't help it, when I crave a book, I NEED it!

4) Finishing up personalized gifts:
 Does it take a lot of time and energy to write out little poems and transcribe recipes for the people you love? Sure. But is it incredibly satisfying? Of course!

5) Making treats to enjoy while doing holiday work:
We all need fuel, right? This vegan egg-nog is thick, delicious, and NOTHING like that gross Silk brand soy stuff you find at the store.
 It has some unusual ingredients, but I think unexpected elements are often what make things yummy. I actually have a theory that this is why vegan food has had a bad reputation! If you try to veganize omnivorous food with everday ingredients, it's kind of 'meh.' But if you get adventurous and use ingredients that sound weird, you can make something that tastes amazing!
(Again, recipe upon request!)

6) This crazy trinket I just found on the floor at work:

It's a decoupaged wooden pendant that says "Suck It"! :D I promise, I'll turn it in to our Lost & Found. But it totally made my day.

7) The love scene with Butch and Fabiana from Pulp Fiction:
One of my favorite moments of on-screen intimacy. Sexy and sweet.

Okay, technically this is not related to the holidays. But my beloved friend Perry reminded me the other day that you can never stress that hard when your favorite songs and movies are always waiting for you to revisit them. :)


  1. I would absolutely love to have the shitake miso gravy and vegan eggnog recipes!! I haven't been able to find a good vegan gravy or fake eggnog. I bought a vegan gravy packet from Whole Foods for Thanksgiving that was okay, but I'd much prefer to make my own. If you'd prefer to email them instead let me know and I'll give you mine! Thank you and happy holidays!

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