dressed up like a lady: June 2010

Jun 23, 2010

You see your gypsy.

02-04-09 180
Skirt: vintage Gunne Sax via the Getup
Cami: VS
Shoes: vintage via Ebay
Shawl: street sale in Auckland, NZ
Sunglasses: Target

02-04-09 179

02-04-09 194

02-04-09 202

02-04-09 191

Jun 21, 2010

Danger zone.

I have decided that today is Aviator Sunglasses Day.

Oh, who am I kidding. That could be every day...


Boots: vintage Zodiac
Shorts: made from destroyed, ancient jeans
T-shirt: vintage via my boyfriend,
via the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,
via 1989


There are no words for how much I love my vintage cowboy boots. What's really tragic is that the Etsy seller I bought them from years ago no longer exists, so I can't even give them credit!


How's this for a huge lunchbox? Found this vintage metal picnic basket at the local antique shop. If you find yourself headed to work hauling in a bag of salad greens, a loaf of bread, jar of almond butter, and other assorted items to store in the office fridge for the week, it's very useful.

Cut-offs so worn out that the pocket is peeking out of a hole. Hot or trashy? Wait, don't answer that.


Who's this Burt Reynolds looking badass? Why it's my friend and musical comrade Charlie Slick!

How about that mustache!? His recent foray into AMAZING 70's facial hair was so impressive, I promised our mutual friend (and my own personal wizard) David that if he snapped some shots of Charlie vamping it up, I'd gladly post his hotshit style right here.

Sunglasses: David's via Target
Jacket: Charlie's, thrifted
'Stache: %100 pure manliness

Jun 18, 2010

Leave your hat on.


Skirt: Thrifted (and hemmed from full length)
Top: Depths of my closet
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Hat: UO


Socks: Sockdreams
Terrifying vintage child's suitcase: Sweden


Today's pics brought to you by my dear, awesome friend Margaret...


...who took them on the patio of my sweet, former downstairs neighbor Aimee (hi, Amiee!) while catsitting the adorable Greg.


Jun 15, 2010

Hey, I don't make the rules.

I just park here.

For some reason I was inspired to dress in a vaguely True Romance inspired outfit for a little garage-saling. This mostly just confirmed that I really need a cow print skirt (benefactors welcome!).

Speaking of garages: this one is friendly to my people!

Jun 9, 2010

A Dressed Up Review: Shabby Apple

Not too long ago, I got an awesome opportunity from the online clothing store Shabby Apple. The exceptionally sweet Tawnee offered to send me a dress from the shop free of charge so that I could review it. One look at the whimsical selection and I jumped at the chance. I picked a bewitching dress called the Baja and eagerly awaited its arrival.

One of the reasons I was excited to review an online retailer was because so often, you stumble across some online boutique stocked with adorable goods, but have no way of knowing if your garment will turn out to be disappointing, or cheaply made. So let me just start out by assuring you that this dress is excellent quality. The resilient fine-gauge jersey knit is just the right texture and weight, and stood up to me having to clean a balsamic vinegar stain off of it within the first few hours of wearing it (of course).

If you check out Shabby Apple's website, they explain that the idea behind the independently owned and operated business was to create dresses that are complete outfits all on their own -- no slips, camisoles, or tank tops required. This is a brilliantly simple and highly necessary idea. How many times have you dug into your closet for a piece you can throw on, look great, and run out the door, only to realize you'll need to track down a convertible bra for the awkward neckline, or a half-slip for the sheer skirt?

That's why Shabby Apple's dresses are all original designs. And you can tell that they're all of a similar design idea -- simple and pretty, with a delightfully vintage vibe.

The Baja dress has instantly become one of my favorites. While the Shabby Apple girls clearly understand the failsafe chicness of French stripes, this dress subtly tweaks the flattering style to make it even cooler. The vertical stripes on the bodice, combined with the drop waist, are just genius. It reminds me of a gorgeous 1950's bathing suit, worn by some pretty lady on the French Riviera.

Honestly, this dress turned out to be so comfortable and cute, I wore it on into the night, when I went into the studio to record with my band!

Which unsurprisingly involved laying on a dirty floor in exhaustion, waiting for monitors to be set, backing tracks to be cued, etc. And when I got up, I dusted myself off and the dress looked just as brand new as it had that morning. No discoloration, no pilling from rubbing around on crappy, sandpaperish carpet.

As if all this weren't enough, the dress came with a card explaining how supporting the store helps the company to make micro-loans, which help women in developing countries begin and maintain small businesses so they can support themselves and their families. So on top of getting an excellent quality garment from an independent business, you're also helping contribute to the betterment of someone's livelihood. Unreal!

Honestly, the only thing I would hope for from Shabby Apple that isn't already present is an expansion of their dresses' style options -- which I'm sure we'll see as the line develops! I would love, for instance, if the Madison Ave dress were available in a pencil skirt instead of an A-line. So I'm putting Shabby Apple on my shortlist of go-to shops when I'm looking for a dress. The more we support them, the more options they'll be able to give us!

Jun 3, 2010

My little rock-roll queen.


I didn't realize it at the time, but the inspiration for today's outfit was probably the girl from the Sexy and 17 video, by the Stray Cats.

Dress: UO
Shoes: Jessica Nenee
Bag: vintage via the Getup
Sunglasses: vintage via Ebay


Of course, most of the time my hair looks kind of like Brian Setzer's, anyway.