dressed up like a lady: Blasting even further into the past.

Feb 25, 2011

Blasting even further into the past.

My adventures in scanning continue. 

Here are a couple photos that pretty much delight me in every way: a look at two very stylish, very timely, very different couples in the year 1979 -- my parents, and MC's parents. (Posted with all parties' official endorsement. Except my brother. Sorry John, everyone is seeing your five year old cuteness.)

My mom and dad.

The earth-toned color palette is perfect, right down to the hallucinatory couch behind them -- all acid trips and crunchy granola. The textures look so soft, including my mom's Robert Plant curls and my dad's hippie beard, which I apparently grabbed with my infant fist when I was placed in his arms after I was born a few years later. He still has it, btw. But it's been trim and short for as long as I can remember.

MC's mom and dad.

How effortlessly chic are these people? I love how they look so cosmopolitan compared to my folks, but still have that awesomely unpretentious, Midwestern vibe. I also love the mutli-colored stripes on MC's dad's sweater! I'd wear that thing TODAY (except MC would get to it first.) And MC's mom has some seriously thick and lustrous hair. She's like a brunette Breck girl.


  1. lol I love looking at my parents old pictures. Your mom is fierce.

  2. so much plaid in your parents' picture! i LOVE it.


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