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Feb 18, 2011

Style Inspirado: 9 1/2 Weeks

Here's a movie that's been on my mind: 9 1/2 Weeks. The 1986 erotic drama has so much awesome sex craziness going on, you might not even notice the distinct 80's cosmopolitan fashion.

Specifically, I really adore Kim Basinger's big-shouldered sweater dress, which she wears while Mickey Rourke makes her (ahem) crawl across the floor.

It always inspires me to wear my own favorite sweater dress, even though I know full well that putting it on doesn't make me Kim Bassinger (though I wish!). 

So I decided, as long as the reason I'm wearing this dress is because I was inspired by what could potentially be considered softcore pornography, I may as well bust out these ridiculous faux lace-up stockings I got on clearance at the Halloween store!

Iknowright, just give me some fake animal ears and I'm halfway to a Mean Girls style Halloween costume. ;)

I know that with spring finally coming, I should have warm-weather goods on my mind, but I'm planning an epic thrifting trip at the moment, and all I want to scoop up from my local charity shops are big, epic, New York in February duds. Wanna see my shopping list?

Thrifting List:

Bowler hats (like I need more).
Oversized Trench Coats.

Boxy men's overcoats.

Voluminous wool sweaters.

Sexy Blouses.

Scrunch socks.

Fit-you-within-an-inch-of-your-life pencil skirts.

Hopefully I'll find at least some of that. Wish me luck!


  1. I love that movie, and I love that you got so much inspiration out of it. My first reaction to that movie: Oh yeah, Mickey Rourke used to be hot. My second reaction: the 80s gets a really bad rap for bad clothes, but there were some good things about the fashion at the time...
    And the lace-up tights... LOVE.

  2. It's good to have a solid plan when you're thrifting :)

    I'm always returning to the 80s for a shot of inspiration.

  3. That is an amazing sweater dress.. I love the braiding, and the short length an the oversizes upper part of it.. looks uber comfy!

  4. remember wearing two pairs of scrunchy socks?! lol! i like watching 80's movies just for the fashion and hairstyles(omgoodness there was some big hair back in the day) awesome find on the stockings, btw.


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