dressed up like a lady: Up at the cape.

Feb 23, 2011

Up at the cape.

With the windchill right now, the temperature is well below zero. That's so cold that I don't even need to provide Fahrenheit/Celsius conversions.

When it's this frigid, your knees prickle as they peek out from under your coat. Michigan has days like this every winter, and on those days, I rely on my Scandinavian wool cape. The origins of this giant, wearable blanket make me see why my Nordic forefathers settled here -- the Michigan climate probably felt just like home.

My only question is why more Michiganders don't wear them. Especially considering how many sweet looking capes have dotted vintage fashion history -- by Swedes and non-Swedes alike!

If you live somewhere this close to Valhalla, I highly recommend picking one up, along with a felt hat from your local antique store. :)


  1. That cape is incredible! Where did you find it?

  2. you are the chicest cold weather dresser i've seen all winter!

  3. I have been lusting after those for ~10 years. Perhaps I'll have to add one to my "to make" list, should I ever start finishing things...

  4. Thanks, Rachel! I found it on Ebay, but the seller doesn't exist anymore. However, capes like this do pop up now and then, just keep a few saved searches for "wool cape" along with words like "Scandinavian," "Icelandic," "Swedish," etc.

    There are lots of more loosely woven wool capes from Britain and Ireland (Donegal type stuff, etc.), which is wonderful for that kind of weather (akin to the American Pacific Northwest), but if you're looking for warmth against more arctic conditions, make sure the cape is from Scandinavia, or that it's made of thick felt, boiled wool, that kind of thing. :)

  5. I've been wearing my wool trench on those overly cold days, it's so nice to feel wrapped up and warm.

  6. you are so fly - it's amazing how you can pull off anything with such flair! I love the cape but I don't know if I could ever pull one off!



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