dressed up like a lady: White light.

Feb 11, 2011

White light.

I think when MC first started taking pictures of me at random, without warning, and usually while I was, shall we say, cosmetically unprepared, I used to find it kind of unnerving. But he must have gotten me totally used to it, because now don't even bat an eyelash. And here I am, posting said pictures in public.

Oh how we acclimatize.

This would be me hanging out in a leotard and apron, which I'm going to admit to you right now, is my standard household attire. I'm also on the phone with ATT customer service. This does not sound like the makings of a hot photo. At least he took this one while I was actually wearing a skirt.

I can't deny though, the light in our hallway looks pretty sweet. I should take some outfit pics here; it kind of almost makes housework clothes look good -- that has to bode well.

Matt Collar and Cammila think they're getting The Fear.

On an unrelated note: we picked up some hot Fear and Loathing style yellow aviators on a thrifting trip that kicked off our last date night. I think they enhanced dinner dramatically.


  1. You two are the most handsome couple :)

  2. I wish my "spur of the moment" photos turned out HALF as good as yours do!

  3. ah Fear and Loathing would make any date night fun, as long as you dont carry around your bat swatter and throw melons at each other.

  4. your apron is pretty adorable.

    Note to self: buy apron.

    clothes are cute

  5. you two are so freakin cute. i love it.


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