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Mar 30, 2011


There are a lot of garments that I over-wear. If I posted a picture every time I wore tights with shorts or a wool skirt with a stretchy top, this blog would be even more repetitive than it probably already is.

Among the more effed-out of my over-worn items: leotards, mini skirts, and this oversized tennis sweater.

Don't get me wrong, the tennis sweater in and of itself is a kickass mainstay of the preppy wardrobe, with a long and glorious history.

But clearly the fit of this particular jumper is not quite in the spirit of a quick match followed by lunch at the club. Mainly because it's gigantic. Like Edith Ann style disproportionate.

Monster tennis sweater: Thrifted
Leotard (underneath): Capezio via Discountdancesupply 
Skirt: Modcloth 
Boots: Doc Martens 


You know who I'd really like to see wear a well-fitting tennis sweater is MC. He's totally got the vibe, am I right?

Matt Collar pauses by the elevator in the Tally Hall parking structure.

As an aside: I took this picture of Matt Collar against the wall of the parking structure we were in because it made his green eyes pop like crazy!

That parking structure, I might add, was FREEZING! The supposed changing of the seasons hasn't meant much here -- except that now there's more moisture in the air, so the cold feels even colder! Which is why I scrambled to re-clothe myself as quickly as possible after snapping outfit pics.


  1. I see you are taking my suggestion to heart about the big sweaters! ;)

  2. Ha! The Carlton sweater! Somehow looks nicer on you...


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