dressed up like a lady: Another Nine and a Half Weeks

Mar 25, 2011

Another Nine and a Half Weeks

Perchance you remember a recent post, in which I took an unapologetically sexy cue from the movie  9 1/2 Weeks and wore a super short sweater dress with thigh high boots. Well spring weather has yet to arrive in Michigan, so I went ahead and tried my hand at one of the movie's less overtly saucy style combos.

Namely: the giant sweater and flats.

Clearly, the word "inspirational" is key here, because 9 1/2 Weeks was just the starting off point. If I'm being honest, I ended up looking more like an illustration from a Babysitter's Club cover.

Which I'm fine with, by the way.

I even rocked a boxy, eighties coat. Which tragically, fit the temperature perfectly, since it's been a hair above freezing all week.

All in all, I rather enjoyed bastardizing Kim Basinger's chic, bourgeois urban style. This fashion experiment gets a passing grade in my book. 


  1. That's a gorgeous shade of purple. You have the leanness necessary to pull off this look so very well! And are those actually modern dance shoes?

  2. Haha, good call, Erin! They're jazz shoes. :)

  3. I always thought those big sweaters were cute on girls. Keep it up, hopefully you'll bring em back!

  4. I think you look good no matter what you wear!

  5. You're awesome. I visited your blog for 2 years. Now I'm leaving a comment finally. Your outfits are always perfectly cute & feminine. I like yor style and temper ( You're seem to be a nice person). You always look like the only one.

  6. Its got the inspiration, maybe a lil bsc but thats okay too :)

  7. I had quite the laugh over: "If I'm being honest, I ended up looking more like an illustration from a Babysitter's Club cover."


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