dressed up like a lady: Gum snapper.

Mar 18, 2011

Gum snapper.

Found this picture in the set of Summer '06 Lake Michigan beach photos I used in my last post. I still wear this Ted Nugent shirt.

I had an explosively rocking time with my friend Margaret, by the way. And by "explosively rocking" I mean we baked cookies and rode a never ending river of stories, laughter, and "your mom" jokes until we were too tired to keep it up.

All in all, a perfect visit. 


  1. I just saw this post! It was a rockin' time. I wish I could've stayed longer!

    ps: I have a secret treasure-trove of pictures from this Lake Michigan trip. I'll have to get them off my old laptop & send them your way. Featured: pictures of you under a willow tree. For realz.


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