dressed up like a lady: The owls aren't what they seem.

Mar 14, 2011

The owls aren't what they seem.

I really think I should take more style inspiration from Twin Peaks.

I might be saying this because MC came home from playing trumpet at a jazz gig recently looking all dappered up, and I thought we looked very Audrey/Agent Cooper.

 So I grabbed some alternate shoes and did a little reenacting.
 Baby pink cap-sleeve sweater: vintage via the Getup
Plaid pencil skirt: Ripped tag, TJ Maxx find
Lipstick red patent heels: Pleaser
Little tan Italian oxfords: vintage via local antique store

Not a bad point of fashion inspiration, right? I'll see if in the future, I can do better justice to the show's hot mix of prim and sexy. All those pencil skirts, cap-sleeve sweaters, and 80's tight jeans make me want to watch the whole series again. Maybe I should!

We did an epic amount of thrifting this weekend, and I took home a boat load of stuff from all the different movie and TV fashion obsessions I've been nursing lately -- including the sexier works of David Lynch. Hopefully some of it will look as cool on camera as it did in the dressing room at the Salvation Army!


  1. Totally loved Twin Peaks (Except the movie version which was too weird for me) Inspired pictures,
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  2. Twin Peaks is one of the best shows ever!! Very cool!!

  3. that plaid pencil skirt is amazing! your waist looks super tiny!!
    i've always wanted a beauty mark right near my eye like Sherilyn Fenn

  4. I have never seen Twin Peaks, but it is def. on my 'to watch' list! I love the screen caps and your outfit-costume-nod!

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  6. You guys look great! Glad I could have introduced you to the quirky world of "Twin Peaks."

    "That gum you like is going to come back in style."

  7. sehr schöne Mode Bilder gefällt mir


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