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Apr 28, 2011

In Current Rotation.

I know music posts are a dime-a-shitload on the internet, but I promise you: this mini-sampler is the best of the best of what I've been listening to lately, non-stop. Some of it you've probably heard already -- or at least I hope, because it's really good. Anyway, you can thank MC for finding almost all of these. He reviewed most of them for work.

Children's Members Only jacket: MC's, worn when he was about 8 years old,
and decorated with NASA patches by his dad 
Maritime: Apple of My Irony

This is the very last track on Maritime's new album Human Hearts. To quote MC's review: "You know a band is confident about their album when they put what is perhaps the catchiest track on the disc at the very end — because the album is just THAT good."

Maritime: Paraphernalia

JD McPherson:
JD McPherson: North Side Gal

I loved these two sexy, jukebox-dance-explosions so much, I persuaded my band to cover them.

JD McPherson: Your Love

Those Dancing Days:
Those Dancing Days: Reaching Forward

This band used to sound a little more indie and twee. Now, they've got a slightly more unabashedly produced feel, and it totally suits them. I think they sounded kind of caged when they were holding back the sexy.

Those Dancing Days: I Know Where You Live, Pt. 2

The Naked & Famous:
The Naked & Famous: Punching in a Dream

When MC first played me this band, I said "This band cuts to the hook!" hoping he'd use that line in his review. He totally didn't, so I'm using it here!  

The Naked & Famous: Young Blood

Ellie Goulding:
Ellie Goulding: Lights

Dang, this chick has such a cool voice. And her songs have that dance-music-meets-Kate-Bush vibe that I can't seem to get enough of.

Ellie Goulding: Guns and Horses

...and last but not least:
Zion I & The Grouch:

Zion I & and the Grouch: Used to Be Vegan

No matter what you think of veganism or former veganism, this jam is the shit.


  1. Great list, thanks! My 14 month old bubs had a blast dancing to these while we folded laundry.

    We are happily vegan but my thoughts on the last song: wow, vegan is mainstream! And that's a good thing. =)

  2. I LOVVVVE the space jacket! And top marks for the song choices, always looking for inspiration from good sources.


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