dressed up like a lady: Inspirado: Madonna and Sean Penn

Apr 13, 2011

Inspirado: Madonna and Sean Penn

Wow, Madonna and Sean were one well dressed couple. Not too much of a shocker, I guess. But Sean's been so busy the past few years staging Hurricane Katrina rescues and bailing Eve out of jail, he hasn't exactly stuck in my mind as a fashion icon.


  1. He was quite the cutie unfortunately he hasn't aged well.

  2. I always loved both of their styles too!

    By the way- I checked out the Starkweather Boys and loved them! I'm going to try to catch a show at some point. Thanks for sharing!

  3. weeell, i never really knew their couple-style but now that you pointed it out, its really cool! im going to google some more! although i totally agree with beautyparler, he's not aged well..

  4. Love her dress in the first pic and I have to agree with the first commenter, that he was pretty cute back in the day, but he's not really doing it for me now. Or maybe it's just that he's dating Scarlett Johannson at the moment. Kind of creepy.


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