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Apr 26, 2011

Inspirado: Rayanne Graff

Perchance you remember a short while back, when I promised to devote a post to the fashion inspiration of My So-Called Life's Rayanne Graff. MC and I just rewatched the whole series, so I've been feeling newly bewitched by her layers and layers of mismatched, early '90s brickabrack. We needed to go shopping, and the grocery store seemed like a good place to capture some Rayanne inspired moments.

'90s floral babydoll dress: Thrifted
Tights and over-the-knee socks: Sockdreams
Clog boots: Seychelles, second hand
Shoulder bag: Coach, thrifted
Flannel: MC's
Piles of costume jewelry: Vintage, thrifted, gifted, etc.

I missed MSCL during its original, tragically-canceled run -- but I did watch it not too long later, and became totally obsessed. And whether or not it's anything to be proud of, Rayanne (played by actress and present Lady Courtenay A.J. Langer) was probably the character I most related to in high school. Except for the fact that she was a hard partying teenage alcoholic, and I was a smarty-pants dork.

I like to tease MC that I would've been too nerdy for him as a teenager, because his high school girlfriend was kind of an old-school partier, whereas I was more of a hyperactive spaz. Though he adorably insists that he would've fallen totally in love with the rambunctious, free-spirited, goody-two-shoes, let's-pretend-we-dressed-in-the dark, high school Cammila. How ridiculously sweet is that?

However, as similarities to Rayanne go: I did do way, WAY more than my fair share of serenading people against their will, and making proclamations about the basis of civilization (click the links if you need to know what I'm talking about.)

What am I saying? I still do those things now.

Getting handsy in the car has to be a staple of Rayanne's everyday life.

I tried to imitate Rayanne's drinking/oral fixation, but I think my performance was less than convincing. Mostly because I've always been a teetotaler, and this bottle apparently contained flax seed oil.

I guess I can't post something like that without offering up a few authentic high school photos. Brace yourselves, I'm firing up the scanner...


  1. 2nd to last is my favorite! very intense look. and i def like the combo of floral with heeled combat boots. badass!

  2. You took Rayanne's style and made it waaaay more approachable and stylish (stylish style? yeah). Those boots are KILLER and you wear the flannel and floral like they were meant for one another.

  3. Bwah! I gave you that bracelet! You look rad.

  4. Ok, you look stunning even when doing shopping. How do you manage to do so? I love your every single outfit, but todays is my favourite!

  5. I will always and forever love a plaid shirt with a babydoll dress!

  6. plaid with flowers, so cool, so 90s. you took rayannes style to another level.

    gorgeous boots.


  7. Love this outfit! You look great!


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