dressed up like a lady: Artist Inspirado: Willy Pogany

Apr 5, 2011

Artist Inspirado: Willy Pogany

As spring takes to the air, and and life gets more and more colored with apricot sunlight every day, I find myself happily thumbing through the gossamer-draped paintings of my favorite Art Nouveau artists -- like Willy Pogany.

The Hungarian painter created gorgeous magazine covers and spreads like you see above, but he specialized in illustrating fairy tales and myths -- clearly harboring an intuitive knack for linking the fantastic and ethereal with the dark and cruel, the way fairy tales often do.

Makes me want to wear a long, satiny dress that clings to my form and catches on the wind, like some colorful painting of Freya or Psyche! I'll have to see what I have in my closet...

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