dressed up like a lady: Unicorn/Pegasus Hybrid?

Apr 11, 2011

Unicorn/Pegasus Hybrid?

I assume such a creature would have the gift of purity, the power of flight, and probably be sterile, like a mule.

I'm just speculating here.

Oatmeal colored cableknit sweater
Leggings: BDG
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Socks: MC's
Necklace: Vintage via the Getup

These pics were taken at the middle school where the local arts and recreation center holds the swing dance class MC and I have been taking. It's been a ton of fun and we've gotten pretty good. But with inspirational murals like this on the wall, how could we not? 

I had worried I might get all self-conscious if I tried to learn partner style dancing -- that I might tense up, lose all my coordination, and have no fun. But it's been the complete opposite: swing dancing is so rhythmic, all you have to do is pay a little attention to your body and the moves feel completely natural. I also feel like every year that goes by, I get more and more comfortable in my skin -- so it gets harder and harder to be embarrassed (which I'd hope would be the case with most people).

And it doesn't hurt to be crazy in love with your partner. It's easy to loosen up when you're always smiling at each other. ;)


  1. love your outfit :)


  2. When I saw this wall, I thought of a Liger, like from Napoleon Dynamite. PS Did you know those actually exist? They too are incapable of reproducing, which is always a sad thing. Haha. PS Can I say I really like your outfits!! Well, duhh, I follow your fashion blog, but I just love it. You remind me of Pink, which I'm sure you get a lot, but I just love her sooooo I just had to say it. :)


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