dressed up like a lady: Artist Inspirado: Harold W. McCauley

May 26, 2011

Artist Inspirado: Harold W. McCauley

Today's Artist Inspirado is Harold W. McCauley. McCauley was another mid-century pulp illustrator, who painted covers for dimestore paperbacks and salacious magazine covers. But instead of employing his pin-up artist skills creating images for bodice-ripping romances and seedy hard-boiled detective stories, McCauley devoted his talents to science fiction. 

I love the juxtaposition of sexy dames in ruby red lipstick, with hallucinatory images birthed out of nuclear paranoia. Does this make anybody else want to put on an evening dress, man the controls of a space cruiser, and possibly get assaulted by a storm trooper wearing dainty white gloves and carrying what appears to be some kind of modified space-Luger?

Anybody? No? Just me? Oh well.

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  1. Hells yeah that sounds awesome! haha lol.. I especially love the one with the lion with horns and the first one.(:


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