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May 20, 2011

Artist Inspirado: Robert McGinnis

Something I meant to mention yesterday: thanks as usual to everybody who dug the first post in my Well It's Mine Now series about sealing loved ones' clothes -- especially to Brandon, Guina, Jenny, and Tiffany, who shared a little personal insight on the topic. :)

Anyway! Today's Artist Inspirado is Robert McGinnis. 

I think of McGinnis as a pin-up artist -- because of his obvious talent for capturing the erotic female form. But if you want to get specific about it, McGinnis is technically an illustrator. Many of his sexy images were created for romance novels and pulp paperbacks.

You can see why McGinnis occupies the same space in my mind as artists like Gibson or Vargas. Clearly, he was inspired by the feminine allure.   

Inspired  little bit by Butterfield 8, perhaps?

McGinnis is also famous for his movie posters, with a particular (and apt) legacy of James Bond illustrations.





  1. these images are amazing! I think we all know that iconic Breakfast at Tiffany's poster image but I never knew who created it- thanks for the tidbit of pop trivia. I'm loving his creative celebration of the female form.

  2. zowie. how amazing is this? i'm all blog crushing over here. I love those images. I'm always collecting 50s/60s/70s book cover images and movie posters on flickr and tumblr :)

  3. my cousin tay and I are die-hard
    james bond's ladies wardrobist-
    [word? spelling? who cares}
    the white swim suit, black dress
    gown and we disagree on the third
    clothing choice - tay says a snotty
    chanel suit with a bustier underneath, I say a silk shirt
    and black silk trousers with a
    cummerbund - great outfit for
    running and jumping over things.


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