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May 17, 2011


Like my new banner? I've been meaning to replace the old one or a while. And though it seems that giant, highly involved banners aren't tremendously in style these days, I still had a giant, highly involved idea. So I ran with it.

Anyway, NERD ALERT: MC has an extensive collection of Star Wars toys from his childhood, almost all impeccably preserved and hermetically sealed in his parents' attic.

 The action figures and Republic Attack Cruisers go back in their boxes when we're done playing with them (who's the nerd now?), but I fell too much in love with this kickass Wampa and Tauntaun to leave them behind. So now they live on one of our many shelves.

I think they add much classiness to the decor, don't you?

The Tauntaun actually stands a chance against the Wampa when he's being ridden by Iron Man, who's carrying He-Man's Sword and flanked by 80's muscle cars.


  1. I have more in common with you bf than I ever knew. I have the same tauntaun and wampa somwhere in my parents attic!

  2. my brother has every star wars figurine still in boxes. he won't let us touch them. although he does have a millennium falcon from the 80s that we were allowed to play with. i wonder if he still has that somewhere . . .


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