dressed up like a lady: Such great heights.

May 24, 2011

Such great heights.

I've spoken before about my difficult relationship with high waisted jeans.
 High rise flares with a nice, fitted waist: Radcliffe
Cropped sweater: Antiques fair
Clogs: Jeffrey Campbell

Namely, that I am freakisly high waisted. Supposedly "high" waisted jeans are never quite high enough. So on me, jeans that are meant to come up to the smallest part of a girl's waist will instead dig into my considerable, fleshy hip area -- painfully. However, these crazy ones from Radcliffe denim are extra high! They have an 11 inch rise in the front, so the waistband actually comes up to my waist! I wonder: if a girl of normal proportions put them on, would they come all the way up to under her boobs? Ah, mysteries of the female form.

Anyway, I thought it went without saying that this look is pretty much a direct lift from the 1970's.

However, when I met my Dad for lunch, he took one look at my ensemble and said he thought it looked straight out of the 1940's. Which he just adored, so I didn't argue with him! 

Of course, they didn't have Queen t-shirts back then. But the greatest rock band of all time hadn't been formed yet, so we'll let that part slide.

Queen T-shirt: Random present from MC

 By the way, what do you think of my dad's high-tech method for remembering to call me that morning?


Pop has been writing reminders on his hands for years. He was lamenting at lunch that the standard joke he likes to make while jotting something down on his hand ("Oh, let me just put that down on my 'Palm Pilot!'")  is becoming obsolete, since everybody has iPhones now. This is kind of hilarious, when you think about it: the joke he makes about being old fashioned has become old fashioned. I love my Dad. :)


  1. Hi there, I'm new here, I sympathise I can't do high waists either, I'm an hourglass they make me me look square! They need to be worn by long waisted gals!Great post and your dad seems a real sweetie. I wonder if you would do me the honour of commenting on my first ever review on Nature Shop over on My Passport to Style if possible today, I would very grateful. Sharon xx

  2. whoa - i have an issue with the hig-waisted jeans too but i'll tell you, if i found the right pair, i hope they look half as good on me as they do on you. DAMN GIRL!

    Love the palmpilot. so hilariously endearing.

  3. whoa and wow from over here too! it may be a difficult relationship but when it works it's the best. you look awesome. high waisted wide legs jeans make people look super HOT :) i know i have a couple pairs that are just amazing for my legs and derriere.

  4. I LOVE high waisted pants. How many pairs do I own? Oh, zero. It's rather pathetic actually, but I'm on a tight college budget and I'm in the process of losing a lot of weight, so it would be kind of a dumb purchase for me right now, until I get down to the size I want to be. But you rock them!!

  5. i loooooove this post! i am super high waisted gal too! i just got my hands on a pair of perfectly fitted high waisted jeans that were too long on me. now hemmed and ready, i've got to put an outfit together! thanks for the post.


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