dressed up like a lady: Well, It's Mine Now: MC's Children's Members Only Jacket

May 27, 2011

Well, It's Mine Now: MC's Children's Members Only Jacket

Today's Well It's Mine Now post takes a look at a garment that my boyfriend MC didn't even know he still had: the Members Only jacket he wore when he was 8.

Obviously I was duly impressed when I saw it in pictures. The Members Only style is iconic in and of itself, but add the NASA patches that MC's dad sewed onto the front, and you've got one stylish looking kid!

8 year old MC demonstrates how this jacket was actually designed to fit.
When we actually found this thing, lovingly sealed in a Ziploc bag in MC's parents' attic, I was over the moon. At first I put it on kind of as a joke, but I'm sure it's no surprise that as soon as it was on, it was never coming off.

 Aside from looking a little, uh, cropped on me, it's super cool (in my opinion!). But as with my last Well It's Mine Now post, part of the reason I love wrapping myself up in it is that I'm coating myself in my boyfriend. And not just the boyfriend known and loved today as hotshit trumpet player and general badass Matt Collar -- the childhood version of that badass! It's like a distillation; a purer dose of him.

Locked and loaded for future Well It's Mine Now Posts:
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My brother's army jacket
Tons more of MC's stuff

I know I already asked this once, but you know I can never get enough. Do you have any clothes from your loved ones that you like to steal?


  1. I love this series. Me, I'm a hoodie thief. I've stolen every single one of my poor husband's hoodies. One year I got him his very own special no-wife-allowed sweatshirt for his birthday.

    But I'm wearing that one now as I type this . . .

  2. hey Cammila, you look uber adorable
    in boyfriends' jacket and the sneakers take the outfit over the top.

    I've "liberated" by brother's
    cummerbund from a tuxedo he rented
    for one of his marriages.

  3. hahaha, congrats on the jacket!


  4. I caught the whole NASA patch-"over the moon" thing. Clever (even if you didnt mean it to be). Also, I LOVE that you are tiny enough to fit into 8-year old MC's clothing. And he was a pretty cute kid.


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