dressed up like a lady: Working the merch table at a TMSP show.

May 11, 2011

Working the merch table at a TMSP show.

You can see why MC and I tend to bring each other into all our musical projects -- if just one of us is in a band, then the other one (joined at the hip, as we are) has nothing to do at shows but be a groupie. Not that either of us really mind doing groupie jobs, like manning the "merch table" for Timothy Monger State Park.

Other groupie jobs include: carrying instruments and taking unnecessary photos of the band.
Oh, and I also sleep with a band member! That counts as a groupie job, right?

Matt Collar double fists guitar and trumpet.
Incidentally, at this particular show, I was also happy to lend some of my groupie skills to the Boys Themselves. Just the carrying and photographic skills, I mean. Not the other one.

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